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What do your teenage girls do?

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RosaIsRed Thu 27-Mar-08 18:12:42

My DD1 is 10 and I have just noticed that she has grown hair under her arms within the past few weeks. It is going to need removing soon, and tbh I use a disposable razor in the shower on mine, a method I am not sure I want to recommend to her. I think she is too young for waxing though. I just wondered is Immac the best solution for this age group? What do other girls do? I didn't realise it was going to happen so soon blush

gagarin Thu 27-Mar-08 18:16:40

Don't panic! She'll be the one who knows what other girls do.

Have every option available so when she asks you you can follow her lead and say "shall I help you with the razor/immac/waxing..?"

After our first chat I showed her how to use the razor and helped until she wanted to do it herself...

chocolatespiders Thu 27-Mar-08 18:17:08

blimey that is young....

sorry no advice my dd is 10, and i am shocked at the growth of my baby girls breasts

MaureenMLove Thu 27-Mar-08 18:17:53

My dd used cream when hers first started being noticable. (about a year ago) Not sure what she does now, tbh! She has my razor and creams available in the bathroom, but quite what she does in there for an hour is a mystery to me! grin

roastlamb Thu 27-Mar-08 18:20:24

Tell her to wait for as long as possible. Once she starts, she'll have to continue.

My 13 year old has just started shaving and it makes her feel "like a woman" so she loves it! I'm not sure if she'll think the same when she's 15 though.

suedonim Thu 27-Mar-08 19:23:59

I've been through this with 12yo dd. She seems to be developing at an earlier age than dd1 though is still very much a little girl. smile We've gone for the shaving route as I just don't like the idea of putting Immac chemicals on her skin. I am a bit shock at the idea of a 12yo wielding a razor, mind!

cremolafoam Thu 27-Mar-08 20:04:13

I got dd 12 an electric shaver on the advice of some other mumsnetters. it is safer than letting her loose with a bic razor and i suppose a bit easier to get the hang of. she was able to manage it at 11, so probably ok for your dd too.better off i think especially if she is a bit self conscious about it( as my dd was)

its a bit scary isn't it? but TBH not uncommon at 10 these days.
periods next rosa - dear help them. its a lot to get a handle on at 10 isn't it.

Milliways Thu 27-Mar-08 20:34:33

DD started with Immac Cream, then went straight to an Epilator! She epilates her armpits as well as legs - so braver than me.

One of her friends gouged herself with a razor and got an infected patch on her leg - creams are safest. Avoid razors and you will never have the thick stubble!

frogs Thu 27-Mar-08 20:39:41

My dd1 (13) has been doing her legs with a razor for a year or so. But she has no armpit hair, so the issue hasn't arisen.

I wouldn't suggest any method, personally -- wait for her to come to you and ask. After all, who really sees her armpits? I don't shave mine unless I'm planning to wear a sleeveless dress. It isn't actually compulsory, you know. wink

RosaIsRed Thu 27-Mar-08 21:48:51

So she is unusually young? Bother it. She does a lot of dance classes you see, and I am worried she will be teased or self-conscious. The first time I was aware of having armpit hair was when my younger brothers noticed it at the beach and started chanting at me. V humiliating and I would like to spare her a similar experience.

abouteve Thu 27-Mar-08 23:10:28

Quite young but not that unusual. My DD was just turned 10, I remember, she had a swimming gala and asked for my advice about removing it. I suggested waxing but when I said it might hurt a little, she just shaved.

frogs Thu 27-Mar-08 23:19:56

No, I think my dd is late. Most of her friends had pubic hair before they left primary school, according to her.

I'm probably more slapdash than most as am very blonde -- dark hair is more noticeable, I guess. Dd1 did have very hairy legs, and had raised the issue of being teased herself, when she was 9 or 10. I spelled out the options for her, tho' I did say at that time I'd rather she didn't start shaving her legs, but if she really wanted to, then she should let me know rather than try any DIY on them. A year or so later she asked more seriously to do something about it, and I got her a razor (tho' she's also tried immac and wax strips).

Personally I would mention to your dd the fact that you've noticed her hair is growing, try to see how she feels about it. You can then comment, neutrally, that lots of women do remove their underarm hair because they don't like the way it looks, and ask her to approach you if she wants help or advice on what to do. I think that's a more neutral approach than the "OMG, you've got underarm hair, quick, here's a razor" approach (not suggesting you would do that, obviously).

It is tricky to get a balance between helping them fit in and making them feel bad about themselves -- I think the fairest thing is to talk about it casually, and make sure she knows what her choices are.

jammi Sat 29-Mar-08 20:04:32

Message withdrawn

harpymum Thu 17-Apr-08 22:03:41

She could try silkmitts...its like a very fine sandpaper.

Both dds, 15 and 12, use them on their underarms and legs and it does the trick...the hair is quite fine, although they are fair-haired.

Be careful she doesn't rub too hard with it if she uses one.

daughterofthem Sat 21-Jun-08 20:42:26

hi rosaisred i just shave its quick easy and painless

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