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some wonderful teenagers!

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mymatemax Sat 22-Mar-08 21:48:43

I hope you don't mind me posting here but just wanted to say....
Today I was shopping with my 2 boys (8yr & 5yr old who is disabled) & I can honestly say everywhere we went we were surrounded by lovely helpful polite teenagers.
They held open the doors, helped my 8yr old reach stuff off shelves as I was stuck behind some rude adults & couldn't steer ds2 around them, chatted to ds2 when we were in the queue & then one of them carried my tray to the table so that I could push ds2.

So i just wanted to say even if they only get out of bed at lunchtime & just about manage to grunt at you, don't be too hard on them because it looks to me like you are all raising perfect ladies & gentlemen.

wordgirl Sat 22-Mar-08 21:51:02

Aah that's lovely. I am the proud owner of a 14-year-old. He is lovely and both he and I get really fed up with all the bad press that teenagers get so it's nice to hear someone sing their praises for a change.

fryalot Sat 22-Mar-08 21:53:35


dd1 can be an absolute pain in the arse sometimes, but I am fairly sure that she is well behaved when I am not around.

Tis super that you had a good experience of teens, and even super-er that you posted about it, people (me included) are very quick to tell everyone about bad things, it's refreshing to see a nice story.

RTKangaDYSONMummy Sat 22-Mar-08 22:18:46


mymatemax Sat 22-Mar-08 22:21:36

I'm not normally so gushy about things, but your right they always get a bad press, tbh teenagers are an easy target but IME they could teach many adults a thing or two about basic good manners.

fizzbuzz Sun 23-Mar-08 17:59:41

Well, I teach 'em, and most of them are delightful, polite, well mannered, despite what the press say..

daughterofthem Sat 21-Jun-08 20:50:59

thank you so much this has really made my day
EVERYONE is naming teenagers as the bad people , only a minority of teens are like this

2shoes Sun 22-Jun-08 17:06:50

lovely thread.
so nice to see teens getting good "press"
ds has some brilliant mates. if you saw them in the street they would look scary. then saw them with dd(severely disabled) they are so lovely.

waycat Mon 23-Jun-08 05:47:25

There is a glimmer of hope for future generations, then.

Great to hear this - it's so refreshing nowadays when it's all doom and gloom where teenagers are concerned.

Ozziegirly Mon 23-Jun-08 07:05:05

I walk past two schools on my way to work every morning and I was just commenting the other day to my Dh that if we are lucky enough to have children I want them to go there as they are all such a polite, well brought up lovely lot of teenagers.

Plus, for some reason teenage acne has avoided this school and they are all about 6ft tall, beautiful and often dressed in sporty things and when I think about how I looked at school I am actually rather envious...

wabbit Tue 24-Jun-08 17:10:30

What a lovely post - I'd like to confirm that though they do deserve the bad press they get from the majority of [the rest of the world] parents... they also have some lovely moments too smile mine is queen of this Jekyll and Hyde behaviour grin

(currently in Hyde mode and all is calm wink)

OrmIrian Tue 24-Jun-08 17:16:09

Yay! mymatemax. I quite agree. Don't have one of my own yet (though DS#1 shows definite signs hmm) but the one's I know are generally either v nice or at least OK. Not scary aggressive sulky monster. And even the lads who hang around in groups are perfectly OK once you speak them.

Mind you I guess it's different living with one.

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