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Teenager and toddler

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calamitycamp Sun 16-Mar-08 21:41:06

Is there anyone who has a teenager and a toddler? My ds is nearley 16yrs old and my dd is nearly 2 yrs old. I would like to hear from anyone who is in similar situation.

Yes, a bit of an age gap I know, but one of the great things about it is it's the best form of contraception I know for a teenage lad!

ChocolateSquonkyEggs Sun 16-Mar-08 21:43:06

dd1 is 14.

dd2 is 3
ds is 2

if someone had mentioned the fact that teenage tantrums at the same time as toddler tantrums, I may have stayed on the pill a bit longer hmm

And the times one of the littlies has called me a "geek" or some other teenage word... or slammed a door in strop....

Yes, I'm in a similar situation to you. /Fab isn't it? hmm

pukkapatch Sun 16-Mar-08 21:44:18

12 years between older dsis, and younest dsis
mom had a built in babysitter.

evenhope Sun 16-Mar-08 21:46:13

Don't know if DD is officially a toddler yet as she was one on Thursday, but my other kids are 16, 18, 20 and 22.

ChocolateSquonkyEggs Sun 16-Mar-08 21:47:11

evenhope - when she is a toddler, you will still have teenagers grin

elesbells Sun 16-Mar-08 21:47:14

Yes me too
DD1 19
DD2 17

and DD3 (oops as she is affectionately known) is 2.

Its put my two teenagers off for life I think grin

PuppyDogTails Sun 16-Mar-08 21:52:52

Almost - ds is 10 months, dsd is 12 (but has definitely hit stroppy teenager already).

When she starts her screaming tantrums at dp I take ds into the conservatory where he can't hear, I'm dreading him picking it up from her.

bb99 Sun 16-Mar-08 22:03:20


Snap! (almost)

DD is 12 and ds is 11 months.

So far so good as I'm the only one (currently) who throws toys out of pram and has big strops.

Waiting for an increase in hormones and kevinesq moments as we speak, and holding breath as currently dd is a little auntie/mum and likes new boy in the house (she has a step-dad at home too).

Watch this space shock

calamitycamp Sun 16-Mar-08 22:14:35

Well it's good to know that by the sounds of it, Im not alone when i want to tear my hair out because one is having a tantrum and the other a major strop! To top it off we are now in the throws of GCSE revision and my dd has started to teeth again.

Oh happy days!!!

PaulaYatesBiggestFan Sun 16-Mar-08 22:19:18

ds1 amost 16
ds4 just2

me pg!

calamitycamp Sun 16-Mar-08 23:19:44

Sorry Im new to this, does pg mean pregnant? My hats off to you if you are

Joash Sun 16-Mar-08 23:35:34

Been there, done that. DS is now almost 19 and GS just 5. I have to say that they got on great all the time until recently. Now GS has developed a crush on DS's girlfriend and won't leave her alone, hence DS feeling a bitpeeved that when he's here with his girlfriend, they have afive year old attached to them like a limpet - so cute though, He goes all shy and doe eyed when the girlfriend is here. grin

So totally agree with the form of contraception bit LOL.

PuppyDogTails Mon 17-Mar-08 11:09:20

bb99 - I wish my dsd was a little auntie/mum, she really can't be arsed with ds at the moment and would rather have nothing to do with him. It makes me quite sad. It's an odd situation here though as she moved in with us about the same time as ds was born so there's a bit of jostling for position with her I think.

angiebaby78 Mon 17-Mar-08 12:37:17

Hello i have ds (12) dd1 (10) and dd2 (2) ds has just entered into the phase of grunting, and scuffing his feet together when itell him off, "its not fair blah blahs mum lets him stay out till 11!!!" Im not lookin forward to toilet training with dd2 and hormones with the other two ( as dd1 is 10 she has hormones of a 28 year old already ! They always say girls are ahead of boys , so i have two 12 year olds !!) not quite sure how we all managed this but its true that its good example of how much a baby takes out of you, now dd1 says she will wait util she is 30 before having a baby, What she doesnt realise yet is that she is soon gonna be sharing a bedroom with dd2 !!! Watch this space for thread on how to stop my kids killing each other !!! LOL xxx

Milliways Mon 17-Mar-08 16:34:56

I was 12 when my brother was 2, and I also had a 15 yr old brother.

The WORST thing was when I bought a friend home to play with me, and they got distracted by the "toddler" and wanted to spend time entertaining them.Or, when Toddler learned exactly how to wind us up & look all innocent when we got told off for shouting at him.grin Also, when older brother was sitting O levels, youngest was starting school & I got very jealous as they had all the attention.

But you are right, older brother & I learned that babies are hard work and did not want one ourselves until happily married!

We all get on fine now though!

jammi Mon 17-Mar-08 16:46:43

Message withdrawn

calamitycamp Mon 17-Mar-08 18:10:38

Milliways, I can see that situation coming in our house any time now. My ds gets annoyed when dd is following him around and he has friends over. I feel a bit sorry for ds sometimes though as he has to keep telling his friends to be quiet all the time when dd is asleep.

Jammi you are a very brave woman!!! I would love more kids though but its just not to be

aGalChangedHerName Mon 17-Mar-08 18:12:50

Hi Calamity i have 4 dc.

Ds1 is 16.5
Ds2 is 12.5
Dd1 is 3.5
Dd2 is 1.5

It is great contraception!! Ds1's gf has the implant fitted < phew >

calamitycamp Mon 17-Mar-08 21:04:51

Hi aGal would you believe it but my ds's gf says that dd and I 'hate her'. I can't speak for my dd but she isn't far wrong where Im concerned! Me and dh just hope the gf has an implant fitted as I we don't think it would be in our dd's best interests to have a psycho sil! Or our ds's come to think of it!!!

aGalChangedHerName Tue 18-Mar-08 07:07:48

Oh poor you Calamitysad We are very lucky that ds1 has picked a good one. They have been together for 2 years this April and are still in love.

It was my worst fear that he would end up with a horrible one. She reads to the dd's and dd1 is always dragging her upstairs to play dolls etc lol.

Will keep my fingers crossed that he gets rid asap!!

calamitycamp Tue 18-Mar-08 14:18:03

Thanks aGal, we are thinking of sending him to Spain for the summer to see his gp's. However, they do say absence makes the heart grow fonder so we'll stick with fingers crossed hmm

suedonim Tue 18-Mar-08 16:35:35

When I had dd1 my dses were 8 and 12yo, then when dd2 arrived, they were 21yo, 17yo and 9yo. Ds1 found dd2 was a fab 'babe magnet' as all the girls went 'Ahhhh, how cute!' and struck up conversations with him.

One occasion none of us will ever forget is the day ds1 had some pals over. They were all about 15 and dd1 was 3. Dd1 took a shine to one of the boys and jumped onto his lap, declaring 'Kiss me, Gavin!' shock grin Needless to say, the poor lad never came to our house again.

DevilwearsPrada Wed 19-Mar-08 23:16:57

Yup v similar situation DSD is 15 (lives with us) dd1 is 5 dd2 is 18 months. Best bloody contraception ever. Little one's go to bed at 7pm, DSD doesn't go to bed til around 11 - 11.30 by which time were both so bloody knackered we're lucky to make it up the stairs let alone get nasty.envy

SilentTerror Thu 20-Mar-08 11:57:03

In same situation and find it hard-
DD1 18
DS 12
DD2 9
DD3 2.
Juggling the needs of teenagers and toddlers not easy. My DD1 will babysit occasionally but has a very full life with college,part time job,parties etc so not often available. The toddler won't leave her 9 year old sister alone and thinks her friends have come to play with her(toddler)
and at this moment DS and toddler are fighting over cbbeebies versus playstation on playroom tv.
Have also realised I will have done the schol run for 30 years when we finally finish!

Chluro Tue 25-Mar-08 18:44:36

I am in almost the same position as ChocolateSquonkyEggs even down to the "geek" and much worse hmm

My teen is ok with the younger ones to a point, and that point tends to be about 5 minutes after interacting with them at any given time, by then she has throroughly wound them up and they are "doing her head in". so she leaves them for me to calm down. JOY!

My problem is that my eldest (14) seems to think that she is far too cool to have anytihng to do with us all, so disappears off with friends instead of ever doing family stuff. I can cope with that most of the time, but sometimes it would be nice to be a family of 5 not 4!

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