What mobile phone?

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Longdistance Sat 12-Jun-21 09:05:06


Dd is 11, 12 in September and will be going to high school. I want to get her a mobile phone as she’ll be travelling by bus some days, but after a phone that doesn’t costs the earth or looks crap iygwim.
Would we be better getting a pay as you go or a contract? What would you think a reasonable amount would be?

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Feelingbad2 Sat 12-Jun-21 20:01:01

At that age my kids had hand me down iPhones with a sim only contract

WeAllHaveWings Sat 12-Jun-21 20:31:12

If it is her first phone a hand me down is fine until she can prove she can take care of it, such as not scratching/breaking the screen or losing it.

If she is responsible you can potentially look for a better one for Xmas or next birthday.

PineappleAce Sat 12-Jun-21 20:32:24

Hand me down iPhone, definitely.

PineappleAce Sat 12-Jun-21 20:34:35


Hand me down iPhone, definitely.

Look at Voxi for a cheap SIM with unlimited data for all the social networking sites. Only available to under 20-somethings

bwfcchick88 Sat 12-Jun-21 21:06:52

I would recommend a decent Samsung, such as the A32 5G or A52 5G. You could also look for a reconditioned iPhone, but do check which model before you buy. With regards to deals, check out uswitch SIM deals as you'll get a range to choose from. Smarty offer 30gb for £10 which is okay.

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