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Dollygirl2008 Sat 05-Jun-21 14:31:39

Honestly - if it's not one thing, it's another

DD13 now totally anxious about sweat patches underarm. She doesn't smell and is very clean, but very conscious of the wetness. Anything she can do/use?

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dementedpixie Sat 05-Jun-21 14:59:54

Does she use antiperspirant?

Elouera Sat 05-Jun-21 15:04:21

Is it a normal amount of sweating or excessive? If excessive, despite antiperspirant, she might have hyperhydrosis.

Budapestdreams Sat 05-Jun-21 15:09:37

Normal amount, antiperspirant is best.
Abnormal amount, see GP for extra strong antiperspirant.
Make sure she has cotton clothes/ natural fibres.
Loose fitting clothes also help and pale colours so sweat less likely to show up.
Has anyone at school mentioned it to her?
Finally, is it a real concern or part of wider anxiety issues?

Dollygirl2008 Sat 05-Jun-21 16:07:49

I think it's normal but to her it's the end of the world! She used antiperspirant already. She's very body conscious anyway so I think this is just the latest in probably a long line of worries

I did see some kind of deo that you put on once every few days - but it looks a bit hardcore for a teenager!

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Aduckandachick Sun 06-Jun-21 23:17:37

Has she tried Mitchum?
Worked wonders for my friend.

MrsFin Sun 06-Jun-21 23:22:21

Mitchum is good


Dollygirl2008 Tue 08-Jun-21 07:08:30

Thank you - I'll buy one of those as some of the hard core ones probably aren't ideal for a teenager. Mind you - saying that, we dont get that many scorching days!!!

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TomNookk Fri 11-Jun-21 15:40:16

the hardcore ones as you call them are completely fine for a teenager. both my teens used them since 13 and i’d buy them again for my other kids

TomNookk Fri 11-Jun-21 15:40:40

just make sure she doesn’t use it after shaving

SuseB Fri 11-Jun-21 15:45:23

I had similar as a teen - didn't smell but no deodorants/antiperspirants did anything about the wetness - and found it mortifying. Eventually asked doc about it when I was there for something else and was recommended Driclor which I think you can get over the counter now. Roll on stuff. Was quite drying but I found it worked brilliantly. Used it less frequently than it said (couple of times a week) and it was great. In retrospect I think the sweating was probably hormonal as it got better as I got older.

Nightbear Fri 11-Jun-21 15:54:47

If that Mitchum doesn’t help then she can try the stronger one


Iluvfriends Fri 11-Jun-21 15:59:43

Another vote for Mitchum roll on.

Londonmummy66 Fri 11-Jun-21 16:01:47

It Mitchum doesn't work she could try Triple Dry - pricey but works


20viona Fri 11-Jun-21 16:02:37

Perspirex roll on is what she needs.

Rocksandstones Fri 11-Jun-21 16:06:11

I would also recommend Triple Dry, works wonders! I’ve always been an excessive sweater (same as your dd, was clean and didn’t smell, just massive wet patches) and this completely stopped it. Glad you are helping her, I wasn’t in my 20’s till I discovered this, I was very anxious and embarrassed as a teen about it.

Dollygirl2008 Fri 11-Jun-21 17:15:35

Thank you all so much for your advice!

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idontlikealdi Fri 11-Jun-21 17:25:45

Get her some driclor I used to be sooooooo embarrassed about wet patches, I never smell but sweat!! Wish my mum had given it to me instead of waiting for me to find it out for myself.

bendmeoverbackwards Sat 12-Jun-21 10:19:32

Watching with interest, my dd also gets sweat patches. She uses a spray anti perspirant but I’m trying to persuade her to use a roll on as its more accurate. Or doesn’t it make a difference?

Paperyfish Sat 12-Jun-21 10:21:30

If it’s really hot and nothing else I’d working, I’ve seen tips saying you can cut a panty liner in half and stick that on the arm pit of your outfit to stop wet marks. No idea is actually any good though!

Rocksandstones Sat 12-Jun-21 10:26:54

@bendmeoverbackwards it probably won’t make a difference if she is an excessive sweater. Try some Triple Dry or Driclor, although I did find Driclor stung quite a lot!

PansyIvy Sat 12-Jun-21 10:32:48

Just wanted to say, I had this exact same anxiety as a teenager, constantly checking for sweat patches on my school shirt. I think it’s pretty normal and she will grow out of it. Please don’t worry. One thing that I really remembered helping was anything that normalised sweating so seeing celebrities with sweat marks, or noticing people sweating during exercise.

Rocksandstones Sat 12-Jun-21 10:55:27

There is normal sweating and then excessive sweating, it’s an actual medical condition, google hyperhidrosis. I would sweat heavily 24/7 even when relaxing, it still happens now in my mid 30’s if not using my extra strength deodorant. It is normal to sweat of course when hot or exercising but if it is constant with no cause, please don’t dismiss it has normal. It caused me endless anxiety as a teen and in my twenties.
Normalising sweat patches is great but I think if it is hyperhidrosis then she needs some extra strength deodorant

PansyIvy Sat 12-Jun-21 12:05:41


The OP said she thought it was normal. I was just trying to reassure her with my own personal experience of anxiety around sweating as a teenager.

Loftyswops988 Wed 23-Jun-21 20:48:01

I had this problem horrendously when I was the same age. It eased up in my late teens/early twenties but the only thing that helped when it was very bad was Driclor. Heavy duty deodorant but the only way i survived the horrible sweat phase of my life!

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