Self harm and confused sexuality

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AniieM Sun 18-Apr-21 21:07:18

So this morning I discovered that my daughter had downloaded 2 self harm apps (we have a family account so I see what she downloads). She is 15 and I know she suffers social anxiety but I thought no more than worrying constantly about what everyone thinks of her, self conscious about what people think of her to the extreme. We have discussed this previously but never sought help.

We go on drives weekly and I thought I would bring up how she was feeling generally with her anxiety etc. She admitted after some coercion that she has feelings for girls. Which I’m absolutely fine with and feel happy she can share that with me. But she also opened up that she self harms. She said she feels worthless and that she deserves it. She thinks that people don’t like her and that we prefer her brother because he is an A straight student etc. She says she feels sad at night and these feelings come and go.

The sexuality is fine with me but the self harm has floored me. She showed me a line of red lines on her arms. She maintains it’s not bad as she doesn’t cut deeply! But I’m at a loss of what to do. I have reassured her that I love her and I don’t care about her grades. She has forbidden me from telling her dad so I feel stuck.

Can anyone tell me what I should do? She has heard such bad stories about CAHMS (me too) so I don’t know if private therapy is the way. Advice please..

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