Teen in Crisis

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IKnowItsNotJustMe Thu 15-Apr-21 14:28:30

Good Afternoon all.

My DD 13 is super intelligent and knows it. She has read nearly every book in creation, what she cant get hold of (age-appropriate) she writes. She has a fantasy world which she is desperate to be part of. She has been using the website discord to chat with men from all over the world and share indecent images of herself. But identifies as lesbian or pansexual. She has attempted self-harm and bulimia, neither successfully so we know it's for attention rather than a compulsion. She has described daydreams to non-family members about stabbing someone. She keeps her room in a massive state (soiled underwear and period mess), and now what looks like a pagan incantation has appeared in her room covered in wax.

She is a non-id twin, 2nd born in a family of 4, separated parents. Living with father and step mum (married now and step mum has 2 children living at home from a previous). They live in UK, I (bio mother) am in Spain (long story) but I want to give the step mum as much support as I can.

Can anyone identify with this?

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Silverfly Fri 16-Apr-21 13:02:07

Hi OP, I think you need outside help with this. CAMHS (the mental health service for teens) has long waiting times, can you afford to seek private therapy for her?

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