Preparing for back to school

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Applejack87 Mon 24-Aug-20 09:19:20

Hi my dd is 14 like all kids routine has gone out of the window the morning starts with getting up late & watching tv
I’m hoping she goes back to school in a couple of weeks , how are you all preparing your kids in terms of bed time and getting up in the morning ?

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onlytuesday Thu 27-Aug-20 14:14:15

I'll be waking up my 13yo at 8am every day next week to try and get her body clock reset, she ain't gonna like it but it has to be done!

Applejack87 Thu 27-Aug-20 19:27:22

That’s a good idea although it’ll be a job
My dd has been doing a bit of school work to get on top of things

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