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heartlikepaper Sun 16-Aug-20 18:20:36

My DD14 has issues with OCD and trichotillomania since she started secondary school. Her attendance was becoming very bad before lockdown and i was exhausted with trying to keep her going. Her low mood, self-centredness and uncooperation infects the whole house. Now shes had nearly 6 months off and regular counselling, i thought it might improve but with school due to resume soon her negativity is ramping up and i dread the morning battles. I dont think i have it in me to keep taking her on but i dont want to give up on her either. Im tired just thinking about it. I know its up to me and noone else can help but is anyone else in the same boat?

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heartlikepaper Sun 16-Aug-20 18:22:25

I mean giving up Already!

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Mediumred Mon 17-Aug-20 10:59:30

Oh you poor thing and your poor girl. I don’t think I have much insight but I can bump for you.

How was she when lockdown first happened? Is it just as school reopening approached that she became upset again? Did she engage with online learning at all, would permanent home schooling be an option? I think there are online schools if you felt she would engage, or could she consider changing schools? I don’t think you sound like you are giving up on her, just seeking the best way to help her. Good luck and look after yourself too.

itsgettingweird Mon 17-Aug-20 11:03:10

Could you look at an alternative like inter high or similar?

Your therapist may write a supporting letter to la saying she isn't well enough for school medically which means you can then show la. They have a duty to provide alternative education after 15 days for any student not medically well enough to attend.

School genuinely isn't for everyone. It'll be better focusing on her learning how works best for her alongside improving her MH so when she finishes school she's in a position to move on rather than have a damaged 16yo who managed to stay in school until GCSEs finished but is too ill to function.

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