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13yr old Jekyll & Hyde

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Wipingsides Wed 29-Jul-20 22:44:40

Finding it increasingly hard to cope with the many personalities of my soon to be 13 yr old DD. It’s like single white female here & worse since lockdown obvs too.. one minute she adores me.. literally attached to my side, demanding cuddles & saying how wonderful I am. She is very clingy and wants to do everything with me - which she pretty much has for months now. Never mind these stories of puppies getting separation anxiety, she will be bereft when she needs to go back to school in September. Then she switches and throws the most cutting hurtful comments at me for literally no reason! This happens most days - she’s very negative about most things and then can get personal, she hates everything I say/ do/ wear..& it’s like she’s seeing how rude she can be so when I eventually pull her up, I’m being ‘mean’ and ‘don’t love her’...But I can’t let her talk to me in the way she does it’s so disrespectful. I’ve never been in an abusive relationship & don’t mean to be flippant but I seriously feel like I’m being psychologically abused by my own child!?! I give myself a talking to & read up on ‘teens’ to understand this behaviour and try to rise above it but it’s really chipping away at me and tonight I totally lost it with her.. resulting in many tears (Her) and much guilt (me)
I’ve tried talking to her reasonably about it but the same cycles of behaviour continue.
My question is, is this ‘normal’ or is it worth considering some kind of ‘talking therapy’ for her/ me?!

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