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TrueNorthStrongAndFree Thu 23-Jul-20 08:31:26

Two DDs - 11 and 14 (almost 15). We are moving house to a house approx 6 mins walk from where we live now. Same school catchment, same local area, but quite a different house. Current house is older, small bedrooms, tiny bathroom - new house is much bigger, more modern, more open plan, more bathrooms. DD11 is excited, can't wait to move. DD14 is miserable. She cries regularly about moving, and is obviously v unhappy with the change. We have lived in our current house all her life, and she can't imagine being anywhere else - but we've run out of space and I am (selfishly) looking forward to moving to a house that doesn't have "issues" (plus not having to battle with 2 kids and DH for the bathroom is going to be bliss!).
I know this is a difficult time for all teens - we live overseas, and although our lockdown has been a lot less dramatic than the UKs, she hasn't been in school since March, misses the structure and is finding it v hard to connect with any friends- but does anyone have any suggestions how we can make this easier for her? I've talked to her at length about how we can make the new house "hers", but she just dissolves in a damp puddle of tears.

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CoconutGal Mon 03-Aug-20 10:07:41

Hi 👋🏻 I have a similar problem as we speak. Recently moved a little further away from DD (13) school but still in the catchment area to a bigger home & she too is miserable. DD & I had a pretty frank chat last night & I thanked her for trying & told her I appreciate it & understand it's hard & a adjustment for her as well as all in the household. I'm afraid I don't have any suggestions as yet apart from reassuring your DD. If I do think of anything I'll let you know. Good luck & hang on in there. Sometimes just time can help.

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