Allowance 15yr old - what would you give in these circumstances?

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treeeeemendous Wed 01-Jul-20 19:14:35

15yr old dd. Walks to school (when they can go!) and takes a packed lunch/snacks/drinks from home. Phone is on a contract that we pay for.

At the moment we give her money when she's going out to meet friends, for buses, lunches. If she needs clothes I ask her to look online and I buy or give her money when she's going into town and say buy a pair of jeans or whatever. Ideally I'd like to hand responsibility to her and give her a monthly amount as I'm aware these things need to start before she goes off to uni without a clue of how to budget!

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BackforGood Wed 01-Jul-20 23:39:17

You'll find the answers on these thread vary wildly, from people like me, who gave her 15 yr old £15 a month, to people who can't understand how anyone can possibly afford to live on that, and give them about £150pm

Some of it will be to do with their 'lifestyle' or expectations.
Is she someone who thinks of the cinema as a birthday treat, or someone who has gone every couple of weeks throughout her life?
Growing up, when going shopping has she been used to seeing you go to the shops, buy what is needed then coming home, or is she used to 'going for a coffee' etc. or is she used to 'shopping' being a weekend entertainment activity rather than a thing you do when you need to buy something?
Then the same for make up / new clothes / things like, when you do go - let's say to the cinema again - are you a family that then usually spends £40 on top on hot dogs and popcorn and drinks and icecream, or are you a family that has a packet of sweets from the supermarket already in your bag ?

Probably best to try to remember how often you do give her money now, and how much that is, then it gives you a baseline of what she is already spending to work from.

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