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marsden2008 Mon 29-Jun-20 06:58:13

hi i just wanted to see if anyone has any experience of this my nearly 12 year old he has always been a moany kind of child and seems to make a hobby out if moaning but recently he has been getting himself worked up for nothing the other day he spent all day moaning as he wanted 3 cans of pepsi as we were having 3 beers 🤔 but he spent all day complaining about this. My partner works nights and the nights i am on my own he will happily go bed but when my partner is off work he wants to stay down here with us till we go bed. He also keeps complaining he can hear us talking and moving when we go bed 🤦‍♀️ now last night we didnt move at all and was silent and he still said he could hear us but clearly he couldnt it seems a bit like he is jealous of us but not sure why ive explained couples need time apart etc but he just doesnt get it lol sorry for the long post 🙂

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Ragtime69 Mon 29-Jun-20 07:31:45

I can't help much but my DD who is 11 seems to moan constantly as well.

CountessFrog Mon 29-Jun-20 07:37:22

My just-turned 11 year old is very very moany at the moment.

Yesterday she came down in the morning and gave three complaints in a row, then stormed off when I picked her up on it.

I do think they are having an awful time right now though.

Namechangex10000 Mon 29-Jun-20 07:45:29

Sounds like he doesn’t want to share you which is probably normal if he’s used to having you to himself? Or a case of “fear of missing out” when there’s someone else around? My 11 year old doesn’t make a peep unless I tell him to get off the Xbox so I’m not sure what’s worse!!

Mintjulia Mon 29-Jun-20 07:46:15

Thank goodness it’s not just mine.. My ds 11 moans for England. Everything is wrong, every day he says he hates his life, school etc. It’s really draining.

He doesn’t have anything to moan about as far as I can see, except that he’s bored of home schooling and wants class to reopen.

Hopefully it’s just a phase. Come September, they will all cheer up a bit.

marsden2008 Mon 29-Jun-20 07:48:58

Thank you for the replies yes i do think its really hard for all the kids right now and im not sure if he is a bit worried about starting high school in september aswell but he is not usually a worrier about things just a moaner i think it is like he feels he is missing out on something but just not sure how to explain to him anymore than i already have really 😣

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marsden2008 Mon 29-Jun-20 07:52:09

Im kind of glad its not just my son he just seems to get himself so worked up over these things i do worry uts like a control issue aswell which kind of scares me a bit as he only ever complains to me and not his dad 🤔

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Passthecake30 Mon 29-Jun-20 07:53:05

I have an almost 11 yr old and a 12 yr old. Youngest doesn’t moan at all, but is very driven to get her own way at all costs hmm eldest likes to throw a “it’s not fair!” strop every now and then. Looks like I might have it “easy”.

marsden2008 Mon 29-Jun-20 07:56:45

Its hard isnt it my nearly 10 year old daughter is a lot easier n calmer she will occasionally sulk but not much but it seems much more in my son and i know all kids will moan etc but i would have thought by nearly 12 and starting high school soon he would be getting past this really 🤔 i need toddlers back lol

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