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mrsmeldrew Mon 24-Sep-07 13:33:44

I need an 18th birthday present for my neice any ideas ?

tuftyclub Mon 24-Sep-07 16:13:48


LucyJones Mon 24-Sep-07 16:15:08

has she just started uni? kettle, toaster?
or a voucher - for HMV or Waterstones
or makeup if she's into it.
Or take her to get her hair cut.
depends on how much you usually spend

amicissima Mon 24-Sep-07 17:03:17

You can get electronic vouchers for just about everywhere, eg WH Smith or Starbucks.
Or how about a voucher for a meal for (say) 4 at a really nice restaurant that she wouldn't be able to afford herself. You could ask her Mum to find out her dream restaurant and then ring them and see what they suggest. Just have to cross your fingers that it's not The Fat Duck!

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