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AdadfromCWNL Sat 04-Apr-20 12:55:24

Facts about the system if you have a teenager causing you severe problems.

You won't get any help. From anyone. Social Services, CAHMS, Outlook, the school and the police have no reason to care about what you're going through, your son is just paperwork to them, and you a scape goat for their failings. They will still get paid. Well.

People close to you, who you thought would support you would be there for you might also show their true colours.

Strangers will at best use you to make themselves feel good by giving advice as if you haven't already tried everything and have it blow up in your face, at worst enjoy your suffering like a soap opera and gossip.

Real change is needed. But the fact is, until your problem is someone else's direct problem, or there is a direct benefit to them for helping, no one will care.

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Wobblywibblywoo Mon 06-Apr-20 16:06:08

Well said, this is exactly how I feel! How old is your teenager x

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