People letting teens carry on as normal

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cola2019 Fri 20-Mar-20 14:32:08

So with all these school closures going on where do parents think it is ok to let their teens go to meals out at Nandos or host house parties?? one parent having open house so her teen doesn't get bored. My dd's school closed yesterday and her friends are all hanging at a mates and going to mcdonalds for tea. So wrong - I am not letting her out (we are on self isolation anyway as her brother has a temperature) i am doing the right thing but others aren't. I am a bad hated mum at the moment and she is so moody with me.

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AngelicInnocent Fri 20-Mar-20 15:07:44

DD and friends are at college today and then off. Year 13. They had a party planned for someone's 18th tomorrow so have decided that they are still going to do that as a end of school type thing as well but then most of them will just be home, stressing about what's going to happen to their university places!

DrWAnker Fri 20-Mar-20 15:08:43

...are fuckwits. HTH.

bigchris Fri 20-Mar-20 15:36:42

On the other hand they have just had their end of school and chance to get the grades they deserve in exams they've been working for for years
Plus have you tried controlling some teens
My nephew gets violent ( SN )

onlyreadingneverposting8 Fri 20-Mar-20 15:37:28

No I am not letting my teens carry on as usual

AnguaResurgam Fri 20-Mar-20 16:08:28

I know some parents are taking the view 'you were all in school together today, so make the most of it. Because the distancing starts tomorrow'

This is a brief last hurrah

Notonetojudge Fri 20-Mar-20 16:15:29

Both my teens went to (different) schools today, one has 1500 children and one has 1700. Last day today. It has seemed slightly ridiculous up until now to insist they stay home in the afternoon/evenings and “self isolate”. From tomorrow though, the situation will be different.


Waterandlemonjuice Fri 20-Mar-20 16:17:49


Greendayz Fri 20-Mar-20 20:53:01

I've said DD can go on seeing her BF as long as his family and ours are all well. But telling her she won't be able to go round everyone's houses socializing as she used to. It's so hard on her though. She's a really sociable person with about six different sets of friends she likes to keep up with. She's quite distressed about it. I am hoping her friends parents don't host parties (and won't be allowing them round here), but I am thinking it's probably ok for her to go on a walk outside with a friend of they're all well and keep their distance.

lljkk Fri 20-Mar-20 22:35:51

DD's world is turned upside down.
She won't be able to see her friends for months.
With my blessings, she drowned her sorrows & took a zillion selfies with her buds today.

Scruffyoak Fri 20-Mar-20 22:42:06

Teens will be more distressed as this gets worse. We have to keep them safe and not just let them do what they want. People are just not understanding it at all sad

bemoreeverything Fri 20-Mar-20 22:44:23

They had a party planned for someone's 18th tomorrow so have decided that they are still going to do that

For fucks sake. This is the kind of behaviour that is going to kill people. How about just no.

Excitedforxmas Fri 20-Mar-20 22:46:35

Mine is in- no negotiations, no ifs and maybe. They are staying in unless they take the dog a walk

wonderstuff Fri 20-Mar-20 22:50:49

Its so hard, my 12yo hates me because I've said no hanging out at the park. No point closing schools and then carrying on like normal. Hopefully closing pubs and restaurants etc will help people understand the severity? They'll have to introduce lock down if people can't be responsible.

Myheadhurtsstill Fri 20-Mar-20 23:40:21

Mine asked if he can go to the park tomorrow to play football. 15, very sporty , never any trouble at home, reckons there’s 15 of them going to play then all going back to their own houses , I said no . I feel so Bad for him- there will be distance and they’re not going to be hugging etc each other
He’s gone to bed - I’m so stressed at the moment so need a rational viewpoint -my husband has been overseas since mid feb as his mum had a heart attack and is still in icu and our son has been great as we don’t even know when / if he can come back . I don’t think I’m being ott - am I ?

darktriad Sat 21-Mar-20 00:02:51

My 15 year old has been seeing her boyfriend, but that's about it, she know from this weekend we'll be implementing stricter routines / increased social distancing

iwanttoshakesomeppl Sat 21-Mar-20 00:22:06

I don't have any teens yet but the neighbour hood teens have been hanging out on the street for hours on a night. They really have no idea.

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