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goldface Sun 15-Mar-20 22:34:09

DS 16 went out with some mates last night, we have discussed alcohol - obvs I know they all drink at parties etc, agreed that the odd beer is ok but he promised to avoid spirits as we had discussed the risk re the strength and re pouring your own measure?
He came home on time but thoroughly drunk - turns out he had drunk vodka, he was very sick, We helped him and supported him and made sure he drank water and she stayed with him to make sure he was safe.
But now he is ok and not even suffered too much with a hangover I could throttle him...
He is sorry and embarrassed but has still had moments of his usual teen cockiness today
So how far should I go with grounding him etc? I know most teens are gonna drunk and vomit but I'm so cross that he didn't stick to the safer things we had talked about??

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chillichutneysarnie Mon 16-Mar-20 07:56:29

I think he has to find his limits by himself, he probably won't go that far again. We've all been there! If he's said sorry I'd leave him to it.

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