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MrsJonesAndMe Tue 03-Mar-20 13:14:54

Hi all

I find it hard to talk to my children about stuff (I still do) due to the fact that my parents did not discuss body changes, sex, drugs - anything really.

We've had the whole Usborne body changes etc books, they know how babies/periods work, how babies get in and out, but looking for something that covers more

Found this one, but irritated that it refers to CIS women - no I'm just a woman, thank you very much.

Any good books out there?

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amihavinganervousbreakdown Tue 03-Mar-20 17:04:09

I got Dr Christians book. It's a no nonsense book and the kids all read it and weren't embarrassed to discuss it.

MrsJonesAndMe Tue 03-Mar-20 18:43:07

Thanks, looks like he's done quite a few different ones. Will investigate.

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