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Two teenagers double trouble

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fiveminutespeace Mon 27-Aug-07 11:23:42

Hi just joined this morning,at my wits end we have four children in total and the two teenagers are creating hell right now our elder daughter (who is now 20) we thought was more than enough to deal with when going through her teenage angst but these two are something else!!! A brief resumme of thier antics in the last 4 weeks, the 13 year old has shopliffted;come home well after her alloted time ;had lovebites over her neck and on friday was brought home by the police drunk. The 15 year old is less trouble but still has a stinking attitude and last weekend on an arranged sleepover in our garden(in a tent) had a 17year old and a 20year old also in the tent , they boyh seem to think that although ,yes thier behaviour has been out of order we have no right to ground them or remove privileges, they do not help out with chores and even critises how we talk or attempt to discuss what exactly is the problem.after the 13 year old was brought home by the police on friday we were informed that as a matter of procedure the whole family has been put on the social services at risk register they seem to think that is funny AHHHHHHHHHH anyone out there got any suggestions please. If I could find a boot camp in britain I would seriously consider shipping them off

Beelliesebub Mon 27-Aug-07 12:32:50

We have four ds's.... ds1 (20), ds2 (19), ds3 (15) & ds4 (14). When ds3 was about 13 we found out that he had shoplifted from Sainsbury's (a babybel ffs) anyway, I actually rang Sainsbury's and spoke to the store manager and made my son come to the store with me, apologise and pay for the bloody thing with his own money and then grounded him for a fortnight, even though it was his birthday in the middle of his grounding! Sainsbury's were brilliant, the manager took us up into the offices and gave ds3 a very stern talking to, he told him that he was very lucky they hadn't called the police and showed him how the camera's can zoom in to such an extent that they can read the label on a herb jar. Needless to say, he's not done it again.
People will probably say we're a bit strict but to be honest if any of ours have come in late they've been grounded a day for every five minutes they come in late (and we've stuck to it too) not because we want to be horrible, cos to be honest it's harder work having them in the house than letting them go out (I'm gutted when they're grounded) but because me and dh felt that we had to maintain a certain amount of control or they would run roughshod over us (they're all taller than me now).
The stinking attitude they tend to reserve for me alone, never dh, cos they know that they'll get away with it for so long with me and then I blow my stack and come down on them like a ton of bricks, that means no privileges, no treats, nothing.
We've always tried to maintain the fact that at the end of the day we allow them to have privileges like later bed times, going further afield, etc. and we can take the bugger away an all! Then they have to earn their privileges back. Hope this helps...

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