Mum of Teens - your insights please!

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abitlostandalwayshungry Thu 19-Dec-19 00:57:30

I'll have 2 teenage girls staying with me in London for a week, 14 and 18. They are remote family.

What do your teenage kids love doing in London?
Favourite restaurants? Hang outs? Where do teenagers go?

So far I've planned to take them to Cerial Killer Cafe, Camden Market, Spitalfield Market, Tate Modern and Oxford street.

Sadly House of Vans will be closed during their stay.

Any other ideas?

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Mothership4two Thu 19-Dec-19 01:02:55

Ask their parents what they are into or if there is anywhere in London they particularly want to visit and take it from there

abitlostandalwayshungry Thu 19-Dec-19 01:07:24

One is into Harry Potter, the other loves fashion and cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Thanks for reminding me of that angle @mothership4two - I added kings kross for Harry Potter reasons to the list.

They never been to London before and haven't visited the UK before, so they have no idea where to start idea-wise.

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exexpat Thu 19-Dec-19 01:36:32

Last minute tickets to theatre? Depending on how good their English is, a musical might be good. DD is 17 and I think her top recommendation would be Hamilton, followed by Book of Mormon, but there are lots of more mainstream/less political ones that might appeal too.

She also likes Spitalfields, and the general Brick Lane, Shoreditch etc area for vintage fashion, food, and general shopping.

If they haven't been to the UK before then doing a few of the more traditional and historical places might be good too - Buckingham Palace, Hampton Court, the Tower of London or something like that?

The V&A or Design Museum might have exhibitions to appeal to the fashion fan.

Mothership4two Thu 19-Dec-19 01:49:27

V&A and Kings Cross good ideas as is going to see a musical. You could float the usual tourist attractions past them, Tower of London, London Eye, London Aquarium, etc, when they get here to see what they think.

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