How to address innate selfishness?

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Toomuch999 Sun 15-Dec-19 10:45:43

Ds 16 and I had row yesterday, started off about money as usual but escalated. I should have walked away but tried to reason and it fuelled the fire of entitlement. Didn’t speak all evening. This morning I’ve woken up and decided to be bright and breezy, ignoring yesterday atm, asked if he wants to take dog out with me. Grunted yes.
So, wise ones... I fear my precious boy is very selfish, dh has similar tendencies but am beating them out of him gradually over the years grin

How to manage this? Do I rake over old ground and re-start the argument, he will be 100% sure he’s right and argue his side (very bright, think lawyer) or model benign benevolence. I fear if his behaviour isn’t challenged he’ll never change BUT I hope that by being pleasant etc I’m showing him I don’t hate him blah blah.

Basically I suppose I’m asking how to challenge what I know is unacceptable behaviour without it escalating again.
He WILL NOT accept he may be wrong.

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BitOfFun Sun 15-Dec-19 10:50:52

Just chill the fuck out. They all do this.

BraveGoldie Sun 15-Dec-19 12:01:55

It's not clear OP what the unacceptable behavior is (or whether it is unacceptable!) so is very hard for anyone to give advice!

snowybaubles Sun 15-Dec-19 12:07:39

Can't advise. Literally no information about what happened/was said. Some things do need talked about with a clear calm head after a row, other things, not so.

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