Teens bypassing parental controls

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hillbilly Thu 12-Dec-19 23:16:13

DD is 14. We try to have fair and open conversation re phones and social media. We have some screen time restrictions on and also Netsanity. We think DD might bypassing all of this. Any tech wizards out there? We respect her privacy but concerned over constant phone use being a distraction when she has a number of GCSEs this year, and because homework is set on an app she has the perfect excuse to have her phone with her while doing it. Thanks 😊

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GreenTulips Thu 12-Dec-19 23:21:17

Get a koala box
It’s has a timer and limits
You can block sites
It has a homework function

MadeForThis Thu 12-Dec-19 23:23:52

14? Take the phone. If she can't follow the rules she doesn't have one. Get her a brick.

MadeForThis Thu 12-Dec-19 23:25:09

Ah. Didn't read the app bit. Could the app be downloaded onto your phone? She has access for homework but hands phone back?

gamerchick Thu 12-Dec-19 23:26:14

Erm if you don't follow the rules then you lose the lot. It's 1+1.

If this app is mega important then An adult sits with her for the duration, then takes it from her when done.

If you let them take the piss, then they'll carry on taking the piss.

FishCanFly Fri 13-Dec-19 12:31:57

How important is the app? Are there any other devices that could be used for studying only with all distractions disabled?

CMOTDibbler Fri 13-Dec-19 12:38:18

When ds has a screen ban, he has to write down the homework in front of me, then come back with the homework to mark it off on the app


megletthesecond Fri 13-Dec-19 12:43:42

Do you have parent access to the app?

When my DS doesn't have his phone I can still check what homework he has.

hillbilly Fri 13-Dec-19 12:45:05

Thanks for your replies. We've checked her phone now and it seems that the restrictions in place are working. She does a lot of photography for art gcse and will do even more next year for photography gcse and used both her phone camera and her dslr, with multiple photo editing apps. She's pretty mature and fairly sensible and although that tends to mean nothing when it comes to teens and phones, I think we are going to have to trust her to a certain degree, with the caveat that we can check her phone occasionally and follow her insta accounts. We do not allow her to have her phone overnight. Thanks again.

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hillbilly Sat 14-Dec-19 00:49:50

@megletthesecond yes I have access to hw app and @CMOTDibbler I do get her to print off her hw sometimes or use the laptop.

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mcmen05 Mon 16-Dec-19 15:06:45

how do you get app on phone if they have their own credit on phone.

Mary8076 Mon 23-Dec-19 11:48:03

@hillbilly Well, it could seem easy but there's not a simple thing to do to totally secure the parental control... I'm not so technically savvy but I almost found a way to do that, all with free apps (Google Family Link and adjusting several settings). Believe me, it's very hard to be sure there are no ways to bypass a parental control, the expensive ones included. From what people more expert told me it's due last android updates that limits what third-party apps can do. So the standard Google parental control (Android is by Google) seems the only one really working now, with some tricks I'll tell you about.
So if your daughter's phone is an android one I can help you. I'm on the run now, but I will come back later with more info.

FearlessSwiftie Sat 28-Dec-19 08:22:42

Hmm, I don`t think taking the phone away is the right idea. She will use her computer or ask her friends to let her serf the net or something else. Plus she won`t understand it and will be offended. Idk whether it can really work.
Maybe you better try to find some apps or softwares for her so she could have and use her devices but for something useful. Like you`ve said she likes photo editing and uses the apps for that, then try to make her interested in other programs, like PhotoWorks or some other easy photo editor for PC. She will spend her time on something she is keen on, I guess this may help you.

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