Homework rules in your house

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feemcgee Wed 04-Dec-19 11:18:23

My DD is 14 and in S3 (Scotland). Can I ask if you have rules regarding homework? She's always been pretty conscientious when it comes to schoolwork, but her maths teacher told me at parents evening last week that there were six occasions when she didn't hand in homework. DD told me it was because she's ran out of time. I've now got the Show my Homework app so I know when she has work to do, but I feel like I'm constantly nagging her about it and this is ineffective as she's not listening to me.
Does anyone have advice about an effective system for ensuring she gets her homework done? All advice gratefully received!

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BrokenWing Wed 04-Dec-19 22:02:54

How much homework does she get and how much time does she spend each night on homework /revision? What does run out of time mean? Does she have too many afterschool activities or is she genuinely struggling to complete?

Ds is in S4 now, in S3 he did 1-1,5hrs of homework and/or revision each night. If he had no homework he would revise, so if he had homework he might as well do it. It is good to get into the habit of revision before next year.

He knows I would not be happy if he wasnt handing in homework. What consequences have you given her?

snowybaubles Wed 04-Dec-19 22:04:57

I just left mine to get on with it. They knew what needed done and when.

snowybaubles Wed 04-Dec-19 22:08:21

Sorry, that wasn't really helpful. I guess if she doesn't get it done she takes a punishment, then learns from it?

feemcgee Thu 05-Dec-19 10:35:13

Thanks guys! She gets maths most days. I didn't give her any consequences about maths because her guidance teacher told me that she is doing well overall and it was only a few times out of many times. DD also told me that she finds the work too hard sometimes and finds the pace in class too fast.
I'll make sure that I do remind her in the evening about what she has to do, I won't go on and on about the same thing, as she is pretty good at getting work done. I was just worried that she was starting to slip, but overall, she doesn't seem to be.

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