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Preston1977 Sun 17-Nov-19 09:57:42

Hi everyone,
I’m in a bit of a parenting nightmare. My daughter struggles with anxiety and depression and has recently been medicated for this using an SSRI, the first one she had what we though were adverse effects which were losses of massive chunks of memory which we were very frightened over and a doctor switched her to a new one, however in the end we found out that she was drinking alcohol with the SSRI and this can cause memory blackouts and even personality changes.
Going of only the idea she had memory blackouts and not knowing about the alcohol her doctor wants her reviewed for bipolar, no family history and no other indications. However her psychologist said she does not see anything more than anxiety/depression so why would our doctor be referring her? Would this just be to cross all bases? Also would a psychologist that has been seeing my daughter for months now have a better idea than our family doctor who she doesn’t see that often?
I’m also struggling as I am trying not to take on board all of this stress and my daughters own personal worries but I can’t help it, we have other children and it’s not fair on them. My daughter is 17 and 18 early next year, I need to learn to take a step back and let her lead her own life. Any tips on how to do this please? I’ve tried a counselling service but I am so damn head strong is doesn’t help me. I just worried so much about her it’s ridiculous.

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DontCallMeDarling Tue 19-Nov-19 00:01:27

Join us here in this thread, stepping back is often a useful move but not easy to do


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