Son can’t keep friends

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Vinobianco Sat 02-Nov-19 23:08:10

Ds 15 nearly 16 flits in and out of friendship with a group of boys at school - he always seems on the perithary has done ever since y7 now he’s y11. Underneath his hard exterior I know he is sensitive about it so rarely gets asked to the parties and social events that his group go to. I can see why he can’t keep friends because he is hooked on gaming and of friends come round that’s All they do even If they aren’t interested in it ! I told him he needs to try harder with them when they come over which now hardly happens The friends in this group also do gaming occasionally but they balance it with going out too,this seems healthy to have varied interests why he can’t he ! Occasionally he’ll go to the parties because he gets an invite and occasionally he’ll stop gaming and start going to the gym and being more social. But I feel for him as he never seems to get totally into the Gang. When he’s online he on with some these people he wants to hang with. Is it just him being immature in his attitiude towards making friendships work? Any tips

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