Summer camps anyone?

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theultimatepushyparent Wed 23-Oct-19 15:46:26

What summer camps would you recommend for two inexhaustible boys, aged 12 and 8?

I am looking for something that is rip roaring fun for them rather than educational - at least not overtly!... I am looking for a week-long residential camp. I'm not too fussed by budget.

I'm after somewhere they can have a blast and make new friends, but safe and nurturing. It needs to have a variety of activities. My older one is an alpha male who will love the competition and sport, but my younger one is not a team player, despite being adventurous, sociable and boisterous.

I think their idea of fun would be a cross between Swallows & Amazons and Bear Grylls, but with bloody good food, and small groups. I am happy with lots of international kids (in fact would see it as a bonus) as long as it it isn't an English language camp in disguise!!

Any views also on whether the 8 year old too young for camp? Some camps take them from 6 but most 7 or 8. (I have a challenge in that he REALLY wants to go). The Venture Centre looks good but takes from 9 years old. Likewise Borrowdale takes from 11+.

Mill on the Brue seems hot on team sports, good food and sustainable living; Wickedly Wonderful seems good on water sports and crafts (but Portaloos aren't very appealing); ATE seems to have highly qualified staff and to be good for slightly quirky kids who aren't alpha types.

PGL seems a bit too mass-packaged and I'm looking for smaller groups. Beaumont likewise doesn't appeal for the same reason (and I think it's a day camp anyway) unless you go for the older House! one for teenagers.

Any personal experience of any/ feedback from your kids welcome please, especially those able to compare one to another. Googling and TripAdvisor only go so far.

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