Teenager Possibly a threat to himself.

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tornmum1 Tue 01-Oct-19 20:05:03

Hello, I have a predicament that has came up today, and a friend has recommended this site for assistance, so here I go?

So my DS, 14, is way to bloody smart for his own good, especially on his smart phone (he's been able to make British Airway accounts in my name since he was 12 blush). But recently his behaviour at school, and his recent 'outburst' has been relayed to me, he has threatened to leave the country and onto France. I was scared (Worst nightmare for parents is a teen 1000 miles away with no supervision when they're still not adults, right?) and I decided to check his phone, what I find is Trainline apps with lines going to st Pancreas And onto Paris (not bought yet, but he has a bank card, he could anytime.), online photos of the 'Unattended Minor' forms for the Eurostar and other documents he'd need, he isn't a stupid lad but when he gets angry he gets angry, apparently he's annoyed at both school and me, so I'm 100% on edge.

I'm not sure on a way on how to speak and diffuse him, any advice from you ladies would be appreciated.

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tornmum1 Wed 02-Oct-19 16:49:27

A bump.

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