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Where should MN advertise or promote MN to get more mums of teenagers to join?

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oddjobgirl Sun 05-Aug-07 12:20:08

I think this site is such a Linus blanket, like 2 good big sisters, a friend whose done counseling, and has contacts/experience from DIY to life threatening dilemmas.

Lilymaid Sun 05-Aug-07 18:39:37

I'm a mother of teenagers and first heard of Mumsnet in one of the daily newspapers. Newspapers and radio are probably the places where we would hear about Mumsnet.

Nightynight Sun 05-Aug-07 19:58:48

I joined when my children were wee, but they are now approaching being teenagers.

Frizbe Sun 05-Aug-07 20:02:27

With Surestart?

themoon66 Sun 05-Aug-07 20:35:41

I heard of MN through the press, when the SWMNBN crisis was just starting. I didn't realise it had a teenage section till i started trawling around.

Not sure where a good place to advertise to attract mums of teens would be. Were are all so different.

Perhaps in shopping centres? Supermarkets? Victoria Wine? Threshers?

themoon66 Sun 05-Aug-07 20:39:34

Just asked for DH who is a marketing person. He says 'off the top of me head... games workshop, claires accessories, sports shops or anywhere to do with football and fashion magazines like Elle, Red, She etc.'

FluffyMummy123 Sun 05-Aug-07 20:40:14

Message withdrawn

Scootergrrrl Sun 05-Aug-07 20:40:22

Facebook/Myspace - do they have ads??

JoMa Sun 05-Aug-07 20:43:03

I'd say facebook/myspace would be more likely to attract teenage-mums, not mums of teenagers

FluffyMummy123 Sun 05-Aug-07 20:43:58

Message withdrawn

FluffyMummy123 Sun 05-Aug-07 20:44:15

Message withdrawn

Papillon Sun 05-Aug-07 20:47:36

pub and school

Cappuccino Sun 05-Aug-07 20:50:35

when your kids are teenaged cod they will kick you out now

there will be a mass eviction with chanting

lemonaid Sun 05-Aug-07 20:54:47

Best way is probably for MN Towers to appear as pundits on TV/radio when there is a Newsworthy Issue involving teenagers. We got a lot of new members with small children over the SWMNBN affair, so we need something high-profile but less expensive...

southeastastra Sun 05-Aug-07 21:11:31


there does need to be a balance more, too many baby/pregnancy threads teenagers are hard work!

oddjobgirl Tue 07-Aug-07 08:12:53

I think lemonaid's suggestion - MN being a spokesperson for Mums in magazines or TV (Richard + Judy) type thing sounds good. I'd suggest Good Morning but all mums with teenagers only, that I know, work most if not all mornings.

My suggestion would be Leisure centre cafes and libraries. This is about the only place I meet mums with teenage children only - who I know from waiting outside school gates. I would suggest one of those creative artistic type posters full of colour, with a line about the value of offloading. I'm not in advertising so my strap lines will probably be rubbish but the sort thing like BT "It's good to talk" or "Instant chat - not just for teenagers - but for Mums of teenagers too". I expect someone can come up with something better?

lilolilmanchester Wed 08-Aug-07 22:45:56

How long has MN been going? I wish it had been around when mine were little. I read about it in a newspaper article about Madeleine McCann (tho feel like I've been a member for years now). It would be good to have more parents of teenagers to compare notes with/ask advice of. What about magazines such as Good Housekeeping? or the family supplement of the Saturday Guardian (or is it the Observer?).

lilolilmanchester Wed 08-Aug-07 22:46:29

P.S.Excuse my ignorance, but what's SWMNBN??

AttilaTheMum Wed 08-Aug-07 22:58:38

Well, my two were 15 & 17 when I joined - I found MN when I was doing some research at work on parking problems at schools.

The thing is, mothers with babies/young children do tend to gather in places like clinics, soft play etc, but by the time they are teenagers & we are beginning to get our life back, we tend to do it in different places - we don't even gather at the school gates,as being seen to be picked up by your mum is deeply shaming...
Maybe the gym? Or are all the other mums of teenagers like me - the gym is the place I should be going to but don't quite seem to get round to it...

themoon66 Wed 08-Aug-07 23:01:51

Yes Attila, that would be me. Two teenagers and a gym membership I rarely use anymore.

AttilaTheMum Wed 08-Aug-07 23:02:00

SWMNBN is Gina Ford, a 'babycare guru' who was offended by certain comments made on this site and threatened legal actiuon, which led to MN Towers having to ban all mention of her - which resulted in her being referred to as 'She Who Must Not Be Nnamed' or SWMNBN.

lilolilmanchester Wed 08-Aug-07 23:21:01

ah, thanks... before my time!!

fiddlemama Wed 08-Aug-07 23:45:02

Mother of 2 teenagers (14 & 16) and one pre teen aged 12, just joined this week and stumbled upon it by Googling the name quite by chance.
Had heard of forums like this and mumsnet was the first thing I thought of typing in.
Think magazines like Good Housekeeping probably spot on but not so sure about gymns.
What about doctors' surgeries? Flyers in the HRT clinic?

Tortington Wed 08-Aug-07 23:47:43

hrt - i'm only 35 !

WendyWeber Wed 08-Aug-07 23:48:32

Can't wait to see cod's posts once her kids hit puberty

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