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Leaving my baby alone for 2 weeks!

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sparkly72 Tue 06-Aug-19 20:17:47

He's 16, mature, sensible enough and didn't want to join us for our family holiday this August.
He's been left for a weekend a couple of times but not this long.
He's got a part time job, lots of fairly local friends and my mum is close by, plus a few other responsible neighbours will be here.

So my to do list is like this:
Teach him how to use washing machine
Leave ready meals, lots of fruit and crisps,
Instructions on how to look after the hamster.

So what have I forgotten?
Do I order an online shop for week 2 or leave him the money to go shop himself?

He's my baby (and I probably look after him too much) so I've not been here before!

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BackforGood Wed 07-Aug-19 00:27:49

I'd leave him money.
I'd also see if Gran might invite him for a meal after a week or so.
I'd tell him to ask for help if he needs it (Gran, neighbours, friends parents, you on Whatsapp) and that you'd be proud of him if he is mature enough to ask for help.

hormonesorDHbeingadick Wed 07-Aug-19 00:34:24

Does he know what to do in a series of emergencies eg what to do if the electricity trips? What happens if the water is turned off?

Firefliess Wed 07-Aug-19 06:33:59

A list of contacts for various emergencies - plumber, vet, etc.

Where the fuse box is and how to reset a tripped switch.

Instructions on locking up at night?

Instructions on putting the bins out.

I'd probably remove or hide alcohol from the house - even if he is sensible it's possible some of his friends would take advantage.

And I'd probably do an internet shop at the start to stock up and leave him some cash to buy more fresh food.

Fillmitchell Thu 08-Aug-19 20:03:18

I’ve just returned from a two week holiday and left our almost 19 year old for the first time.

He was absolutely fine, I get the impression he did get a little lonely now and again but he did have the dog for company. I left a spare key with a neighbour in case he lost his (no one else would have a key).

I left a list of instructions about bin and recycling collections, how to use the washing machine, dryer (cleaning out the lint etc). He had to water the plants in the garden, run the vacuum over every few days. We showed him where to turn the water supply off and how to reset the fuse box.
We had a chat about fire safety and closing doors at night, to leave the house immediately if the smoke alarm sounded and which room would be easiest to escape from if stuck upstairs.
I did text him twice a day, first thing in the morning before he left for work and again in the evening. He had friends over a few times, apart from a smashed glass (that wasn’t quite cleared up properly) the house was exactly as we’d left it.
It did him good to have to look after himself however he has slipped back into allowing us to do everything since we are home...enjoy your holiday,

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