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what sanitary towels do you buy for your pre teens?

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joy41 Wed 01-Aug-07 14:16:33

Hi all, at the moment my daughter is on her 3rd period, the first 2 were very light so she has been able to use super thin, super tiny bodyform pantyliners, BUT, this time it is a 'normal' period and a lot heavier - she has tried my always ultra and looks like John Wayne - AFTER a 10 mile ride through the High Chaparral.....
any thoughts on nice thin NARROW sanitary towels....Can't believe none of the big companies don't market something specifically for pre-teens and early teens...

GroaningGameGirly Wed 01-Aug-07 14:17:56

I can't remember which ones my DD uses, but she doesn't like ones with wings because she says they bulk her up even more. I wish she'd try tampons, TBH.

KITTENSOCKS Wed 01-Aug-07 17:05:52

Bodyform Ultra securefit do an extremely thin pad in normal and super, no wings only 3mm thick, and 8cms wide, but they're supposed to mould to the body. I bought some for myself as big pantyliners (menopausal!) You can also get with wings. They also do maxi 6-7mm!!!! and very long nighttime very absorbent one with wings. I'd recommend night ones to save the bedding and thin ones during daytime. Basically it's trial and error, but she'll soon get used to wearing them.

Mindles Wed 01-Aug-07 17:08:39

Always make some with silk in them? I don't know about the width of them but they are ever so comfy and because they're quite soft they're not so stiff in your knickers.

Tampax do a mini range if she'd be more comfortable with that? They are wrapped in pink and v slim easy to put in. I used tampax from my second period because I found sanitary towels so uncomfortable.

chocchild Wed 01-Aug-07 17:08:42

My dd uses Always without wings. She says the wings are uncomfortable. Absolutely refuses to try tampons. Wish she would.

theheadgirl Wed 01-Aug-07 17:36:45

My DD1 has just had her second period, and uses the ones with wings. However, at nearly 12 she is already taller than me! She has also had a go with tampons (teeny ones) and came into my room doing the john wayne walk. She'd only left the applicator in, and made ME remove it!! Above and beyond the call of maternal duty if you ask me...

NAB3 Wed 01-Aug-07 17:41:31

At this age I would have said pads are better. A teen may forget to take out the last tampon. Never understood that myself as I switch to pads towards the end when the flow is too light for a tampon.

KITTENSOCKS Wed 01-Aug-07 17:51:12

Tampons bring their own issues; if you forget to change they will leak, and the risk of Toxic Shock from tampons left inside and forgotten at the end of a period. At the start of menstruation I think girls need to get used to their own flow, because they can be unpredictable and at least with pads there is a visual reminder.

AufishFeQueen Wed 01-Aug-07 22:28:14

I got some for my pre teen who started her periods just after her 10th birthday. They are designed for teenagers and you can get them in Wilkos and Boots. They are called Ultra Teen.

Magicmayhem Wed 01-Aug-07 22:35:07

theheadgirl... your post made me laugh..

Waswondering Wed 01-Aug-07 22:44:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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