G&T but a lazy teen!

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sweetkitty Wed 17-Jul-19 08:44:30

Don’t know where to put this but DD2 is a teen. She’s 13 about to go into third year (Scotland so GCSE equivalent) she’s a clever girl. All through primary top of the class without much effort. Excelled at anything to do with literacy taught herself to read at age 3 and won competitions for reading at age 6 she would blow you away with her expressions an fluency. As she grew she didn’t want any of the limelight and that is fine. Felt uncomfortable performing also fine not everyone is.

Now we are at the age where she is utterly lazy. She still won an award this year but didn’t want to go to the ceremony again I’m fine with this. She plays the violin but has never progressed as she doesn’t practise and half an hour a week is rubbish.

She’s never been into stereotypically girly pursuits hates make up and clothes it’s a fight to get her to shower, she did play football for a while but gave that up. I’ve now got her going horse riding that’s about the only time she leaves the house. She’s had the same friend since age 2 but they never see each other she never goes out. She would spend the holidays in her room, jammies on, smelly. Like a kid is teens she is addicted to either her phone or iPad and it’s a fight to get her off it. She admits she hates people and is antisocial.

What I’m worried about is that she is clever but is so lazy that she’s going go nowhere.

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