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Pabamella Sat 28-Jul-07 19:14:45


my sisters boyfriends mum moved a way with her new boyfriend, she said her son could rent the house with his mates,

but shes left and he has nothing! just a few bits,

Ive just got some new cabinats and am giving him them, but he has nothing

Not even a fridge!! (think he has an oven)

Has anyone got anything they were going to freecycle?

Hes only 18 and a really nice lad, hes trying hard to put up a front but hes really upset that his mum has left him like this,

my mum bought him a tin opener as his mum had only left him 6 tins of soup (thats it!!) and took the tin opener!

Pabamella Sat 28-Jul-07 19:15:36

sorry, im giving him my old ones, not the new.

and i have an old washing machine for him too.

SueW Sat 28-Jul-07 19:22:37

Can't help - sorry. Has he joined local freecycle or can you join for him?

I knew someone something similar happened to when I was younger. Her attitude was the those staying the house had jobs and she expected them to sort it out. Character building.

Pabamella Sat 28-Jul-07 19:31:37

He has a job, but hes at college so doesnt earn alot, so he can hardly be expected to furnish a full house at such short notice.

whoopsfallenoveragain Sat 28-Jul-07 19:32:50

what about keeping an eye out on Freecycle?

Tortington Sat 28-Jul-07 19:36:17

has he got carpets, 3 piece suite?

Pabamella Sat 28-Jul-07 21:18:03

Oh Id forgotten about freecycle, Ill check there!

I think the house has wooden floors - so she couldnt take them,

Im not sure he has a couch, because my mum hinted at him having my old one when my new obe arrives - which i will happily give him but mines not comingfor a few months yet.

mamazon Sat 28-Jul-07 21:20:18

yeap deffo try freecycle.

when i moved from teh refuge we had nothing, my mum placed an ad on freecycle asking for pretty much anything that was going....within a week my house was near enough fully furnished.
i was incredibly lucky and the people in the area were incredibly generous.

MerlinsBeard Sat 28-Jul-07 21:20:27

have you tried salvation army to see whether they can help?

ZZMum Sat 28-Jul-07 21:21:17

I have some old fridges in cellar that could be OK if cleaned up and a sofa that is battered and needs a throw on it as the arms are wrecked -- it is an expensive sofa and comfortable... has he transport?

Tortington Sat 28-Jul-07 22:43:31

i hae a 3piece suit he can hae, a ery old microwave which is quite huge but works, a fridge freezer - more fridge than freezer a drop leaf table, a dressing table and a wardrobe he can also hae carpets if he takes them up.

he needs to arrange transport and cannot hae these things for another 3 weeks

eerything is rather dated - was my mums she's dead so wont be needing them

there is also a unit which holds a t - and a book case to match.

there is a washing machine but i would hae to check whether it works.

**NB its all rather outdated. the 3 piece suit is fine - just ugly.

let me know - its all in Oldham.

i am seriously not willing to help moe anything as i will be busy - there are steps to negotiate - so if he cam get a man with a van and some mates to help - becuase i'm not lugging stuff about.

the fridge will also need cleaning as will the microwave

if you want the stuff let me know on creamycustardo at hotmail dot com and i will arrange a deliery date with you. I cannot be ery flexible becuase i lie 300 miles away but am going up next month so sort shit out.

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