Ideas for 16th birthday

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namechangedforthis1980 Fri 21-Jun-19 15:22:26


It's a little way off but I've been talking to DS about whether he'd like to do anything special for his birthday this year. It's his 16th and it's in November ( so weather could be unpredictable!)

He's got probably about 20 friends he'd like to invite, mix of boys and girls. He's not keen on hiring a hall with a disco ( not that I'm sure halls hire out for 16ths?!) and last year he just had about 15 friends round and I bought a load of dominos. He could do this again, but they quite frequently just do this anyway so not really much of a birthday ...!

Any ideas of something a bit different for this age?

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growlingbear Fri 21-Jun-19 16:19:26

I'd just do a house party at that age. Lots of snacks or easy food (eg chilli in bowls) and a massive cake. Make some very weak cocktails for when they arrive, buy some sparkling wine (mixed with OJ if you want) to toast when cutting the cake. Then get some good speakers, a glitter ball and electric tea lights and leave them to it. If they want, they can theme it with music and fashion from the year he was born, or if it's near Halloween that theme is always popular. Or any other theme based on something he loves. James Bond?

Some of DS's friends at that age had rollerblading parties or swimming parties. One had a casino party playing for plastic counters, not money.

Lara53 Fri 21-Jun-19 17:06:41

Paint balling or laser quest type thing with pizza

SnowsInWater Sat 22-Jun-19 09:15:00

Laser tag or paintball would be fun but maybe costly. They might be happy just hanging out with pizza but I certain wouldn't be handing them cocktails!

growlingbear Sat 22-Jun-19 17:35:28

I used to think like that too snow but once they hit sixteen, if you don't control the alcohol, it gets smuggled in and it's vodka! better to have some really weak Pimms or Sangria or Bucks Fizz than not provide anything and have them tipping spirits into the coke. We did this for DC and we provided alcohol free cider and beer too. They really enjoyed the night and no one got drunk. At other parties, I've heard of people throwing up.

PurpleLady11x Thu 27-Jun-19 19:15:53

He's 16, why not just give him a wad of cash and say do what you want? :D

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