Can I still improve eating habits of teenage son?

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MadWinter Wed 19-Jun-19 10:20:40

My 14 yo DS has been a difficult eater all his life. He takes a long time. Is full after the tiniest of portions. Has a very limited amount of things he will eat. He typically eats small portions as he is then full. So of course he gets hungry quickly. Unfortunately it has become a habit - due to unhelpful in laws - that there is always a bag of sweets/snacks that is his in the house, and it is given to him. So after his small portion, he goes for sweets. Is there still anything I can do? Of course there is always fruit and other healthy snacks available. He will mostly ignore them, even though he does like fruit. Any ideas on how I can still convince him to have healthier options and eat more? Is it just too late? This topic has been an ongoing saga in our household for years, and I have ignored it for the last 2. No point making an issue bigger and bigger and not getting any results. I am afraid his habits will get worse...

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