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AnaS Sat 15-Jun-19 19:16:39

After a bit of advice please. My dd had a bad experience with a boy before Easter (other thread) and it has left her feeling very anxious when she’s out. She’s been telling me that she feels uncomfortable at school but I thought she just didn’t want to go. However, we were in town today shopping and she was clearly very anxious when there were other people close by. I’m thinking that I should contact school to see if she can eat lunch away from the busy canteen and maybe change classrooms slightly before or after the bell to avoid the corridor when it’s packed. However, I’m concerned that she may end up becoming isolated and maybe she needs to just get over it. She is going to get some counselling starting Wednesday from young minds but wondering what to do now!

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SeaToSki Sun 16-Jun-19 01:27:06

The problem with anxiety is that 5e more you give in to it, the more power you give it. Please dont encourage or allow her to back away from things she is anxious about but just about coping with. Try and find ways of supporting her to still do the stuff that worries her. She will find that if she can do the scary stuff for a few months, the anxiousness will recede as everyday safe experiences overlay the foreboding and worst case scenarios that are playing in her imagination. Can you find a good friend to walk with her, can she wear headphones and listen to music to distract herself during those times, etc etc

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