Teenage boy sleepover

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Jonasblue Tue 04-Jun-19 22:29:22

Hello all I’m new to all this but my son 13 year old is having a sleepover at my house and he is unsure on what the other boys are going sleep in (pj’s,boxers)

Any advice would be much appreciated
Thanks smile

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BrokenWing Tue 04-Jun-19 22:41:38

When ds's friends come over they mostly sleep and wander around in trunks/boxers underwear or plain pj shorts, occasionally keep on their t-shirt.

now they are all 14-15 and 5ft 8in and upwards, I send them back upstairs in the morning to at least put on tops before breakfast.

danicohn Tue 04-Jun-19 22:41:56

Why would it really matter? If all the boys are decent, and there's no girls there, they will be alright.

Pipandmum Tue 04-Jun-19 22:44:03

My son sleeps in the nude but I think if at a mates maybe boxers.

moomoogalicious Tue 04-Jun-19 22:44:55

My son wears light jogging bottoms and a t shirt

MrsBlondie Wed 05-Jun-19 10:26:49

At sleepovers here the boys usually wear shorts and a tshirt. Or PJs

Northernparent68 Thu 13-Jun-19 18:31:06

Why does it matter


Strugglingtodomybest Fri 14-Jun-19 13:32:30

Mine wear boxers. I don't see what they wear when they go to other people's houses, but suspect that they sleep in their clothes sometimes!

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