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Gin7777 Sun 12-May-19 20:18:29

Hi , I have a 13 year old boy who has become incredibly shy , he was always quiet but since hitting puberty last year this has got much worse , he spends most of his time in his gaming room , alone ,which is his favourite hobby, he is sociable with me and his brother, grandparents etc and has a lovely little group of mates at school , who we see out of school every other weekend or so if I arrange stuff , and he’s comfortable with them , but getting him to talk to people he doesn’t know has become practically impossible, if I have friends over he barely comes out if his room and if he does he just mutters hi , he is hugely socially awkward but when it’s just me and his brother at home , he’s funny and chatty , it makes me feel sad as he’s such an awesome kid , he’s doing very well at school but won’t speak up in class and hates drama etc , he plays his computer games with friends but won’t even talk to them online , he also has signs of ocd ( checking plugs , the door is locked etc ) which started with puberty and starting secondary school , he also is an incredibly fussy eater - he is the correct weight etc and not lethargic , but his diet is very limited and he won’t try new foods , I’m a single mum and I worry so much about him , he seems happy, he smiles and laughs a lot and sleeps well and when I’ve mentioned maybe seeing a doctor about his diet / obsessive behaviour etc he states no way , my younger son is the complete opposite- will eat anything , and is out with friends permanently, should I worry or accept this is part of growing up ?? Thank you

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