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Andyfromtoystory Sun 12-May-19 15:44:00

How can I get my teen to try new foods? He likes around 15 foods max and I know he’s not just unhealthy as he doesn’t like chocolate either it’s terrible and I have no clue what to do

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mookinsx Sun 12-May-19 16:43:36

Take him shopping or do an online shop with them. Introduce new foods and meals and introduce him to the cooking and preparation as well.
Maybe plan it so he sits down with you and you plan a meal and he then gets given £20? To go to the shop and buy the ingredients and you can then cook with him or by 15 he should be able to do it depending on the complexity of it

A good one with younger children is putting the food in pizza (if he likes pizza)

If this doesn't work don't worry - I grew up with a friend who hardly ate anything think plain rice,plain fish and raw veg. They now have a taste for all sorts and have grown out of the fussy eating. Some of it is fear they won't like it. So maybe adding something new to a meal they already like?

I used to hate onions, I grew to like them in a burger and then fried in baked beans and now I will have them in a salad raw (red)
Same with peppers, I don't like a big chunk of them but I put all my veg in the wok to cook as I hate it all mushy and this cooks it all perfectly. I can add whatever I want and cook it all together and with a good variety if I try a new veg and don't like it - it's fine as there's plenty of other bits to eat

I'm guessing he is too old for a reward chart?

Andyfromtoystory Sun 12-May-19 20:01:48

Yep he’s secondary school age so definitely too old. He hardly eats anything it’s really odd. He will find something he likes and want to eat it constantly then end up hating it

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Gin7777 Sun 12-May-19 20:40:32

My 13 year old is exactly the same , it’s like a food phobia , he also checks his food before he eats it - he will eat the same things daily - breakfast- crumpets , toast, boiled egg or waffles , lunch - cheese wrap / peanut butter sandwich, crisps , choc bar , fruit peeler / fruit strings , evening meal - chips / waffles / chicken nuggets , crusty bread/ wraps , White pasta with cheese , pasta and sauce , crisps , biscuits, apples , angel delight , egg custard , and will only drink water , milk or milk shake , if we go out it’s literally bread and butter and chips , and the same even on Christmas Day , I get so stressed ! I’ve tried absolutely everything even down to bribery - nothing works , I try not to stress now , he’s a good healthy weight and isn’t lethargic etc it’s just a bit embarrassing at others houses and limits him wanting to eat at friends , especially when some of his mates literally eat anything and everything, I did google it and it’s a common problem so we are not alone !

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