How do boys find out about relatioinships?

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Reddis Tue 09-Apr-19 10:09:28

My DS is 11 going on 14! He's tall and hormonal and there's a lot of girlfriend/boyfriend activity his Y6 class. I'm constantly being told by other parents that 'it doesn't mean anything at that age' but I think it means EVERYTHING when you're that age!
Typically, he is acutely embarrassed by talk of girls and won't talk to me about any worries he might have. But it does at times make him very sad and down. (I know a little of what might be going on from keeping an eye on his phone use).
My question is - how do boys find out about relationships if they don't talk to anyone? Books, films and computer games he's interested in all seem to be about shooting, killing and crime whereas stuff aimed at girls seems much more relationship based.

So my question is - can anyone recommend any books etc that I could pass his way that might substitute for being able to talk to anyone?


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CaptainNelson Tue 09-Apr-19 11:47:16

Noughts and Crosses series is good on relationship issues in a non-direct way. He wouldn't necessarily know that was why you were giving it to him!

Reddis Tue 09-Apr-19 20:19:19

Thanks captain Nelson... I'll check it out...

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