13 year old and voluntary interview

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CroesoY Wed 13-Feb-19 13:02:14

After some advice from anyone who’s been in this situation.

Police called last night - my son had thrown a plastic bottle at another boy (13) which left the boy with a small cut behind his ear.

Boys parents reported my son for assault and my son has to do a ‘voluntary interview’ at the police station.

After questioning my son it transpires the boy had threatened him with a knife.

Will duty solicitor be any good of Should I get my own solicitor?
Any chance charges can be made and he’ll have a criminal record?
We have a photo of other boys ‘injuries’.

Any advice (legal) would be appreciated

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JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 14-Feb-19 08:34:18

You might be better posting in the Legal Section OP if you need legal advice smile

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