Underwear for a 14yo girl - shop recommendations

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Roussillon849 Thu 07-Feb-19 11:26:21

Where do people buy underwear for young teenagers, apart from M&S or Primark?

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notacooldad Thu 07-Feb-19 11:27:36

Well the teenagers I work do get most their stuff from Primark!

reallyanotherone Thu 07-Feb-19 11:32:01

Does the 14 yo not have any ideas? Do people buy underwear fo 14 yo, don’t they buy their own?

Mine is the same age and shops at the usual hollister, jack wills, primark, top shop etc, all of which do underwear.

Have to say i don’t involve myself in her underwear purchases much any more. She is more than capable of taking herself off to buy new tops and trainers, she can buy her own underwear.

The most i’ll do these days is buy basic multipacks and crop tops from m&s. Her choice if she wants anything else.

Roussillon849 Thu 07-Feb-19 11:35:05

She's going on a trip and I wondered if Primark is a little too inexpensive and there is an alternative to M&S I haven't thought of.

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RtHonLady Thu 07-Feb-19 11:37:20


MissTyne Thu 07-Feb-19 11:38:30

Try new look

Bryjam Thu 07-Feb-19 11:40:06

She's going on a trip and I wondered if Primark is a little too inexpensive and there is an alternative to M&S I haven't thought of.

Odd. What has being on a trip got to do with how much your pants cost?


Somethingsmellsnice Thu 07-Feb-19 11:47:25

What sort of trip is a 14 year old going on where she will be flashing her knicker?

AnyFucker Thu 07-Feb-19 11:50:02


dementedpixie Thu 07-Feb-19 11:58:38

I get dds from Tesco

Roussillon849 Thu 07-Feb-19 11:58:55

Really? Good grief, there are here are some odd bods around. Three pieces of advice (one with an unrequested side order of mild judgment I can nonetheless live with) out of seven responses so far! How friendly and delightful.

Those of you posting suspicious faces and making comments about teenagers flashing their knickers might want to check your own own attitudes and prejudice.

Thank you to the rest.

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pineapplepassion Thu 07-Feb-19 12:04:07

OP I totally get what you are saying, my 13 year old daughter gets underwear from Pink and from Next, she likes the boy short cut pants from pink which they do in tons of patterns and colours, they are on the pricey side, but they last well and are good fabric. Hope she has a lovely trip.

Bryjam Thu 07-Feb-19 12:06:05

Really? Good grief, there are here are some odd bods around

Indeed there are OP, indeed there are.

notacooldad Thu 07-Feb-19 12:06:30

Teenagers seem to love Primark. They aren't bothered ( generally) how inexpensive it is but how much stuff they can get for their money!

dementedpixie Thu 07-Feb-19 12:06:53

My dd only likes black pants so I get them out the ladies section

Roussillon849 Thu 07-Feb-19 12:08:25

Thank you *@pineapplepassion*.

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picklemepopcorn Thu 07-Feb-19 12:20:45

Is the concern that it is a residential trip, and the other children might be judgmental?

ColdCottage Thu 07-Feb-19 12:54:03

Victoria secrets junior version seems popular round here. I think all teens should be bought a few nude bras to wear under white school shirts. Why people buy white I've no idea.

mrsk28 Thu 07-Feb-19 13:27:15

Underwear from Pink is nice, good quality and age appropriate for a 14 year old. New look is nice too.

I personally buy mine from Victoria's Secret because I like the quality and fit best.

angelinterceptor Thu 07-Feb-19 13:38:52

My daughter also likes the range from Pink, and agree it washes well and lasts ages. She doesn't like the fit of M&S anymore.

Agree also anything 'branded' is popular, depending on her group of friends, so anything from Jack Wills, Calvin Klein etc - you can get these in sales, or outlet shops.

Somewhereovertheroad Thu 07-Feb-19 13:39:08

Roussillon849 I would make sure you consult with your teen. Mine is very conscious of anything that might look like it was bought by her Mum.

From what I have learnt so far it must be black, only thongs don't give you a VPL and if you stick to Primark or Newlook it seems to be ok.

I do find though that teen fashion varies massively on location and my nieces who live in different towns wear different things from Dd and her friends.

OlderThanAverageforMN Thu 07-Feb-19 13:49:36

My DD's moved from M&S to Boux Avenue at that age. They both have quite "grown up" bodies if that makes sense, so they were out of the teen M&S at about 12, and the bigger sizes in M&S were a bit staid, so Boux Avenue fitted the bill. Fat Face do really nice pants, often at 3 for £10.

Hoppinggreen Thu 07-Feb-19 13:51:21

Mine gets hers from Pink, can’t say I approve but it’s her choice
Overpriced and doesnt look very comfy ( showing my age)

blackcat86 Thu 07-Feb-19 13:52:10

Try the la senza website. I usually get pants from Primark TBH and then get rid of them when they look too worn but I have got some better quality day to day underwear from la senza. There is usually also a sale on of some sort. I have picked up some decent pants from top shop and new look to.

HairyPotter Thu 07-Feb-19 13:55:17

Boux Avenue here. They have amazing sales quite often and the quality is really good.

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