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MA60 Wed 30-Jan-19 16:19:35

I have a 17 year old boy who suffers from anxiety and worries about what he looks like.He cannot talk to people even though he wants to.He has now stopped going to college altogether, sleeps all day and stays up all night, mostly on the x box.I am worried.

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Wolfiefan Wed 30-Jan-19 16:23:22

You can stop the x box at night. That’s an easy fix. What is he doing about the anxiety?

shadypines Wed 30-Jan-19 19:21:43

Of course it's a big worry MA60 but as Wolfiefan says the first thing you need to do is stop the x box at night or anything else eg tv, that would keep him up.

What contact have you had with college as he is still legally obliged to attend? They must be offering some help and advice? Was there anything specific that happened there to make him anxious, what does he say? Also, have you spoke to him about seeing the GP, it sounds like he needs some professional advice.

JiltedJohnsJulie Wed 30-Jan-19 22:44:27

Young Minds should be able to help OP, agree with the others on the Xbox. Could you have a chat with him saying how you're worried and try to set a reasonable time for him to come off?

I find my DS talks to me if we are driving somewhere together or if I take him out for something to eat so that might be worth a try.

MA60 Thu 31-Jan-19 18:05:25

I have taken him to the doctor, he arranged to see a councellor, but he didnt want to see her when it came to it.He doesnt want to go out, because he thinks he doesnt look right.He cant talk to people, and his sleep pattern is wrong.I keep the X box because he thinks its the only thing he can do.The college is supportive, but i dont know how to get him back out.

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Wolfiefan Thu 31-Jan-19 19:47:00

He can use the x box for a limited amount of time in the day. He can’t use it all night and sleep all day.
If he can’t face college he needs to see the counsellor and get help to find a solution.

shadypines Sat 02-Feb-19 17:32:28

Why does he think he doesn't look right?

Jilted makes a good point, the driving thing is not face to face 'confrontation' I wonder if there is therapy/counselling out there that works in a similar sort of way, perhaps he has an image of it in his mind that is putting him off. Also I think you need to be a bit stricter about the x box thing as it certainly isn't the only thing he can do.

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