Camp America type work for a 17 yo

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decena Wed 23-Jan-19 22:33:05

Hi, my daughter is really keen to be a camp counsellor at a Camp America type camp, can be anywhere though, not just US.
But the ones she’s looked at need her to be 18 and she will only be 17.5 next summer when she leaves school. She then starts university and will not get long enough holidays to do this later (nursing degree so doesn’t get the long hols that other students get).
Anyone know of anything similar that will take a 17? She wants to work with kids, somewhere abroad. She already volunteers with local kid groups so has some experience.

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BackforGood Thu 24-Jan-19 00:00:33

I can't really see any reputable company being willing to take on a minor for such a role. If they did, then I'd worry about the ethics of that company, tbh.

JiltedJohnsJulie Fri 25-Jan-19 08:17:20

A camp counsellor is quite a specific request and as already mentioned, I'd be dubious of a company that would accept her for this role.

Isn't there anything else she would like to do?

bruffin Fri 25-Jan-19 08:48:35

My DD volunteered in a local integrated SN playscheme from the age of 12 at weekends and during the holidays. Once she was 18 they employed her.
She was desperate to do Camp America from about 18 but I was hoping she wouldnt do it then.She finally went last year at 20 and going back this year and I think the extra maturity really helped her handle the not so good bits.
I dont think many DC are prepared for how hard work it is .

Another problem is most of them start in June. DD had to get college on her side so she could finish everything by May half term.
She is also doing a health related university course with placement. She thought she would be able to go back, but having spoken to her uni they are prepared to tweek placements ie roll up study hours and placement during easter holidays so that she can go back. They also are giving her a grant of £200 to go!

bruffin Fri 25-Jan-19 08:50:05

she would be able to go back,

She would not be able to go back

bruffin Fri 25-Jan-19 09:31:55

I also forgot this year she can legally drink!, although coming back to camp inebriated can be a sackable offence

decena Fri 25-Jan-19 10:36:14

Are suggestions as to what else she could do? Would like it to be away from Uk if possible, and working/caring type role. She’s very good with kids and elderly.
I’m not keen on the “volunteer” abroad where you pay a fortune and spend a fortnight “building a school” (yeah, really), and basically it’s just a jolly. Would like something that she’ll benefit and learn from.

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bruffin Fri 25-Jan-19 10:53:38

As I said DD volunteered with a SN playscheme for 3 weeks in the summer , a week at easter and a few days at christmas as well as weekends. I can recommend one in Hertfordshire if that is close, but otherwise google

WhatHaveIFound Fri 25-Jan-19 15:59:36

Your DD could always work as an Au pair

My DD has signed up to do that this summer and she'll be 17 (end of Y12). She's hoping to earn a little bit of money and improve her Spanish.

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