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bizzy1234 Sun 30-Dec-18 18:04:39

My 16 year old daughter is desperate to go to Reading Festival 2019 after her GCSEs... it appears to be a right of passage?
She is not very worldly and the large group she's with aren't either.... some are still 15 and there would be NO responsible adult present.
We've said no she can't go but so many kids have been allowed to go and tickets have been bought for their Xmas presents...and the pressure is ridiculous from her friends.
My gut feeling is she and all her friends are just too young and without a responsible adult around things could go very wrong..

Any parent in the same situation and thoughts/advice would be appreciated!

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TheFirstOHN Sun 30-Dec-18 18:18:10

DS1 wanted to go to Reading in the summer after his GCSEs. We weren't keen on the idea (he had been very unwell that year with anxiety and was not 100% better). A family we know invited him to go with them to a different (safer) festival, so he did that and had a good time.

He went to Reading festival the following year (aged 17), had a great time, nothing bad happened.

He went to Reading again aged 18; all his valuables (phone, ID, bank card, all his money) were stolen from inside his tent while he was asleep on the first night. He coped, decided to stay for the rest of the weekend, and still had an OK time. If that had happened to him when he was 16, he would have panicked.

TheFirstOHN Sun 30-Dec-18 18:22:30

One problem with going at the end of Y11 is that a lot of people go on the Wednesday to get good spots to pitch their tents. Obviously this is tricky if you need to collect GCSE results (and potentially confirm a place at sixth form / college) on the Thursday morning.

EmmaGrundyForPM Sun 30-Dec-18 18:27:16

My ds and loads of his mates went at the end of Y11 and had a great time. He went again at the end of Y 12 and said he wouldn't go again as it was "full of kids" 😂😂
I think most Y11s will be fine there but you know your child and if he's not ready for it then it's ok to say no.

uhhuhhoney Sun 30-Dec-18 18:28:13

I went the day I got my alevel results (I was 18) and it was fab. I went again when I was about 20 and felt too old. Lots of gcse aged kids there but the festival is dangerous and full of drugs. I wouldn't/didn't feel comfortable seeing 16 year olds there in a group alone.

VioletCharlotte Sun 30-Dec-18 19:47:14

My DS went last year when he was 17. He had an amazing time! I'm sure your DD will be fine. We live fairly nearly Reading and it does seem to be a rite of passage post GCSEs. If your DD and her friends are fairly sensible and not the type to take drugs or ridiculous amounts of alcohol then I'd let her go.

I'll be going on the Sunday this year... Foo Fighters! smile

Tara336 Sun 30-Dec-18 19:51:25

My DD went in a big group and was fine. Sensible by carrying a small rucksack with valuables in and as they didn’t always want to see the same bands someone stayed back to babysit the tents. This year she went with just her BF and again had no problems whatsoever


HabbyHadno Sun 30-Dec-18 19:59:40

I used to be a campsite steward there and it was always carnage. I guess that's to be expected when most of the kids were under 20 and drinking a lot. However, I'd let my kids go when they were 16 but not let them take any valuables and also give them a crappy phone to use because it's likely to get lost/stolen.

I haven't worked there for a while BUT it's really well organised and they're are a lot of people who are there to help out if anyone is worried about anything.

Cassiacassie Sun 30-Dec-18 21:28:47

Dd got tickets (paid for them herself though- not paying for a weekend of drowning her liver) and I do think it is, unfortunately, a rite of passage

QueenofWhatever Sun 30-Dec-18 21:42:05

I work there and I wouldn’t let my DD go. I think a lot of well meaning, middle class parents have no idea what their precious darlings get up to. Lots of drink, lots of drugs, lots of sex (not sure how consensual all of it is).

KittyMcKitty Mon 31-Dec-18 16:35:44

I gave my yr 11 ticket for Christmas. They’re all going, it’s the norm at their school.

Bombaybunty Mon 31-Dec-18 16:47:14

My DS went in the summer this year. He collected his GCSE results and headed off.
He had a brilliant time. He went with a few friends but met up with loads of people he knew once he was there. He plans to go again next year.
I'm sure lots of things I'd rather not know about went on, but we were all young once!

weegiemum Mon 31-Dec-18 17:18:07

My ds sort of went to Leeds this year, after his Nat5 (Scotland) exams. They stayed with his friends parents in a premier inn and got dropped off/collected each day while the parents went off to do other stuff. He had a blast and I'd consider letting him camp another time as it went so well. I'd have been too worried to let him camp first time at something like this. He's 16.

Kilash Mon 31-Dec-18 18:17:33

What about a day ticket only? Ds did this, got a lift with a friend, dh picked them up at 1 am, they had a great time but without the worry of overnight camping.
Your dd's friends won't be allowed in age 15 - they need to take ID.

Firefliess Tue 01-Jan-19 10:40:00

My DD is the same age and I think we are going to let her go. She says there's a big group of them going, which is good but I've also held back actually buying the ticket until she's confirmed a specific friend is going who she will share a tent with. I want her to have someone there who'll definitely look out for her if needed. I am a bit anxious about it tbh, but feel that they only grow up and learn to cope with things by going out there and encountering things. The age doesn't matter so much as the lack of life experience.

DSD did Glastonbury at the same age and it seemed to go fine. Younger DSD never did anything like that (didn't want to) and has found it a lot harder going to uni as she still struggles with things like catching a train on her own.

I don't think they let 15 year olds in unless they're with an over 18.

ItsReallyOnlyMe Tue 01-Jan-19 10:45:12

My daughter went Y12 - it was nerve wracking for me but she was fine and loved it. For Y11 she was just allowed to go to the V Festivdl with a day ticket - so in the same situation as you I would compromise on a day ticket if you’re able to stay locally with her or collect her. There was one in her Y12 group that did this and it worked out fine for her.

BigSandyBalls2015 Tue 01-Jan-19 13:37:30

I said no in Year 11 as I thought DD was too young. She went at end of year 12 and had a brilliant time. There are drugs everywhere, not sure how they get them in!

She came back filthy and exhausted but loved it. I’ve since heard they were drinking almost constantly .... wine for breakfast shock.

FluffyMcCloud Tue 01-Jan-19 13:40:22

No way. Reading festival is awful.

bizzy1234 Wed 02-Jan-19 09:48:33

Thank you all for your comments and advice...
I think I'll still to my guns and say no for year 11 and yes next year...
They say to trust your instincts and 16 (for my daughter) is too young to be left alone in this situation ... Reading Festival puts to much pressure on parents!!

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Bbbbb27 Tue 08-Jan-19 19:54:29

My ds and friend are going for the day. DH also has a ticket and will wait in a beer tent for them - all day!! Not sure how good a plan that is!!

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