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Mof3K Sun 30-Dec-18 05:51:06

Dd14 has sent a couple of shots of herself in a bloody push up bra to a boy she likes.
He doesn't appear to have asked she has offered!
No clue what to do now. I take the phone off her every night and tonight I went through it and saw she's sent it via Instagram..
I can't sleep thinking about it.

She's getting more and more distant, always in her room, always on her phone, NEVER helps out in the house and gets pretty much hysterical if I remove devices or the PlayStation.

What do I do??
I'm afraid if I confront her she'll continue but just start deleting stuff!

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XmasMummy987 Sun 30-Dec-18 11:33:56

I would honestly just have a general chat with her about nudes ect as this may be the next step. Just say you know about ‘a friends child’ who has sent pics and now gets bullied and eveyrine hates him ect. Just make her aware of the dangers as if she’s sending bra pics , titty pics may be next

bizzy1234 Sun 30-Dec-18 22:20:18

Chat with her really openly and possibly put a parental block on her phone for night time...and possibly a couple of hours over mealtimes on a weekend.
Apple have a preinstalled one or use something like OurPact..
She'll kick up... like my daughter did... but then will actually thank you..
Just be open about how worried you are and how she's changing..

firsttimebabybirther Sun 30-Dec-18 22:27:13

I think having a really calm conversation with her would be best. Maybe do some research about revenge porn etc to show her and explain her self worth and how she doesn't have to attract someone in with just a seductive picture.

I think hitting home about how it could end up in the wrong hands would be effective. I would emphasise that you understand she is getting older and relationships are inevitable and you respect and expect that but that you still expect her to realise her age and keep herself safe.

Must be really difficult OP , hopefully you can't get through to her thanks

ischristmasoveryet Sun 30-Dec-18 22:32:56

Have a look at some of these resources and videos which you may consider showing your DD about the consequences of sharing photos. Although she hasn't shared nudes as yet that may be the next stage for her.


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