Piercing cartilages

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lovelifetoday Sun 23-Dec-18 09:25:36

My dd has decided she wants her cartilage pierced. Both dh and I are against it. She hasn’t yet plucked up the courage to get it done. My s-in-l also wants hers done but is also too scared, so she has bought my dd a voucher so they can have it done together. She knows we are anti the piercing. I’m furious she hasn’t got our backs in this, but it seems I’m the only one who thinks so. Any support is welcome.

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ChangoMutney Sun 23-Dec-18 09:26:38

Why are you against it? How old is your dad?

BiscuitDrama Sun 23-Dec-18 09:26:42

How old is she?

ElspethFlashman Sun 23-Dec-18 09:27:00

What age is she and what cartiilidge does she want pierced?

ChangoMutney Sun 23-Dec-18 09:27:13

Dd not Dad!

NotANotMan Sun 23-Dec-18 09:27:25

She's a teenager and it's an ear piercing. Get over it

SacharissaCrisplock Sun 23-Dec-18 09:28:00

What age is she, which bit of cartilage and is it a voucher to a proper piercing place or Clare's?


Fairylea Sun 23-Dec-18 09:32:41

Why is it bothering you so much?

As long as it’s done at a proper piercing studio and is cared for properly afterwards does it really matter?!

Dd had hers done aged 15 (top of her ear) and it’s been absolutely fine, no issues at all. And if she gets fed up with it she can just take it out - I did that and no one even knows I ever had one now!

lovelifetoday Sun 23-Dec-18 15:01:24

Thank you Fairlea, good to have reassurance from someone for whom all has gone well and that if she changes her mind that will be ok too.

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BigusBumus Sun 23-Dec-18 15:14:03

I think top of the ear piercings with a tiny, plain, silver hoop look really cute. I've had mine since I was 16 (I am 47 now). I wear small plain diamond studs in the normal place and one tiny hoop high on my left ear.

Let her get it done, its not really that big a deal tbh. If she hates it in future it can be left out with barely a noticeable dot on the ear!

JellySlice Sun 23-Dec-18 15:19:39

Check her school's uniform regulations. Ours only allows one earlobe piercing.

JustDanceAddict Sun 23-Dec-18 18:59:24

My dd got hers done at 15. Double helix. It looks good but it’s been quite tough to stop it getting infected.
I don’t have any objections to ear piercings but they need to be scrupulous with hygiene.

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