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Heath worries

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littlebillie Fri 14-Dec-18 18:48:05

My Ds has been on steroids for a month with a severe eczema flare up he is now having chronic acne flare, cold sores and a cold which has gone to his chest immediately. Should I be worried does it sound like his immune system is down?

JiltedJohnsJulie Sat 15-Dec-18 09:17:04

It could be down yes. One of the symptoms of anaemia is a lower immune system so it might be worth reading the other symptoms of anaemia and seeing if those sound familiar.

My DS has acne and I have rosacea. We both use Aleppo Soap with Laurel Oil and it really seems to help. It’s kept me rosacea free for over a year.

Do you know what’s causing the eczema in the first place? Has he been allergy tested or referred to an allergy specialist at the hospital?

perfectly1mperfect Sat 15-Dec-18 10:40:37

Your poor son.

I have taken steroids for a health problem in the past and they definitely lowered my immunity. Cold sores were one of the things I seemed to get.

I'd take him to get checked out as your doctor might be able to suggest something to help.

JiltedJohnsJulie Sat 15-Dec-18 12:42:11

Forgot to say, if he has cold sores he needs lots of sleep, plenty of water and fruit and veg and no caffeinated drinks, alcohol or drugs.

littlebillie Sat 15-Dec-18 17:11:54

Thank you for the ideas, he doesn't smoke or drink so that's not a problem. He had a varied diet, but I have considered upping the Vitamin C for him at the moment. We bought some cokes in for Christmas, so I think I will look at OJ and sparkling water for him as treat. I have had to go private with the eczema as the NHS were not treating it, it has been a scary time getting that stable.

Thank you and I will look into the soap

JiltedJohnsJulie Sat 15-Dec-18 18:35:05

Sorry, I just meant he needs to follow that diet while he has the cold sores. If he does it for longer, that’s great but it’s not always achievable for teens long term smile

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