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FoxyDog1234 Wed 12-Dec-18 17:11:18

My child is a rather kind child (13 yrs) but is a chatterbox and her head of year hinted towards the fact she might have ADHD . She’s told this certain teacher many times sh can’t help talking but her form teache just continues to single her and and put her down.what do I do ? Should I go for an adhd diagnosis although I’m not sure whether it will come inconclusive or not ? She is very easily distracted by people or things outside the window etc or things on walls and is lazy , forgetful and I’ve had her take multiple tests on this and they’ve all said they thinks she’s got ADHD . Does ADHD show up later I’m girls ? Or worsen as they get older as she was never a problem in primary only since age 12 but she’s always been hyper and lazy ect

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Zebrasmummy Wed 12-Dec-18 20:15:54

Things just look different in secondary school. Less structure, more responsibility, more accountability, Moore need to be organised and self directed. What's to lose from getting it checked out? If she has it you can decide what to do with that information once you have the options explained to you. If she doesn't, you'll know and can put that idea to rest and begin thinking what else might be causing her teachers to wonder about ADHD.

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