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Soap Making kit too young?

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sunmonkey Tue 11-Dec-18 11:33:45

Is a soap making kit too young for a nearly 12 year old (going on 16) She's more into makeup and clothes but would like to give her something different...and I know she enjoys being creative as she was making ot of home-made slime a year ago and she's always enjoyed more artsy things. She has adhd which she takes medicine for. Is there a good one out there that's not too childish that anyone can recommend? I spent ages looking for some last night online (will have to be online as I live in another country). Its for my neice. Thank you!

sunmonkey Tue 11-Dec-18 11:40:06

was thinking of this one

and was inspired by this

Sadik Tue 11-Dec-18 18:11:05

I'd say it's marginal. DD would have liked it at 12, but she was quite a young 12. The one you've linked also does look as though it's aimed at quite a young age group.
I wonder if something like this or these bath bomb kit might be more appropriate - bath bombs are perhaps more 'cool', and also the kits have a more adult look.

If you did want soap making particularly, maybe this again is a bit more grown up looking.

TranmereRover Tue 11-Dec-18 18:19:03

I've done a lot of research on this as DD (11) has asked for a kit for Christmas. This one from M&S looks much more grown up - and a bargain at a tenner, otherwise these (also some good ones on Etsy):

sunmonkey Tue 11-Dec-18 20:28:18

Thanks Sadik yes I was thinking bath bombs might be better and those are both nice.
Thanks also Tranmere they look nice. M&S one - didn't realise they would have some and that's a good price. I will check out the Soap kitchen and Etsy as well. Its always nice when you can read reviews and Etsy is good for that. Won't get the amazon one as I agree its too young looking for her. Amazing how long you can spend trying to find soap kits! The bath bombs with the petals are nice though.

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