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please explain

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chrisski33 Mon 10-Dec-18 17:32:07

Can someone please explain what DD DS MN etc all mean to me as feels like ive joined a group but only the "in" group know the meanings!

yawning801 Mon 10-Dec-18 17:34:12

MN = mumsnet
DD = dear/darling daughter
DS = dear/darling son (can also mean sister)
DH = dear/darling husband
DP = dear/darling partner

What others do you want?

BigusBumus Mon 10-Dec-18 17:35:30

You'll get used to it! But in the meantime, here is the link to the explanations you need.

yawning801 Mon 10-Dec-18 17:41:19

I was looking for that link, Bigus, thank you grin

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